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Posted: August 26, 2011 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

When I first truly started my faith journey late last year, I decided to start a blog so that others could share my experiences, even the knowledge I’ve gained and anything new I learn from day to day.  After all, the original blog I started when I was first introduced to blogging did pretty well.  I now refer to it as my ‘secular’ blog because it contained nothing about my faith whatsoever.  Amazingly enough, I have todate approximately 400,000 hits on that blog entitled ‘Living Life With A Passion’  even after I have stopped posting write-ups on it.  I now occasionally upload photos to it only when I have the time.  All my time is now spent updating this blog whenever I can because I believe it a kingdom building tool in which I can contribute to in my small way.

In the beginning I wondered if there was anyone even interested in sharing this journey with me, as it had kicked off to a very,very slow start.  Now I have a promising 11,000 hits since it’s birth 11 months ago.  My only aim is to evangelise and bring others to this truly wonderful faith of ours and to help fellow Catholics grow in faith, as I am constantly doing so myself.

Lately I found another way in which I could link this blog to a Facebook page. And I have done so not for personal glory, but in hopes of reaching out to a greater target audience.  I feel that most busy people will not bother to click a direct link to a blog but may do so while looking through updates of their friends or pages they subscribe to on Facebook.  Anyhow in order to get a direct link address on Facebook I will need 25 Likes.  Right now I have only 3 but honestly it does not really matter, I just pray that I will be able to do my part in reaching out to more people through this media so that they too can experience God’s love for us.  I know full well that it is God our Father who is the only one who can convert and strengthen hearts through His sanctifying grace.

So if you can please help spread the word………..


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