David My Hero

Posted: February 20, 2016 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

My reflection on….

1 Samuel 17:23, 26, 28-30, 32-51

How deep is my love for my God? Can I tolerate to hear his Holy name blasphemed? Will I stand up for God like David did?

He did not allow harsh words spoken against him to deter his zeal for the Lord. Instead he posed a question about not being allowed to speak up and moved on to speak up yet again.

How do we heed the Lord’s call to comfort His people if we are not convicted ourselves in our faith? The first thing David said to Saul when summoned was, “Let no one lose heart.” ‘I will go…. ”

“If God is with us, who can stand against us?” Are we truly convinced of this? Have there not been times in your life that challenges came which seemed impossible to overcome and yet the Lord made a way? Often like Saul you see the huge problem before you and cannot look past it to recognise that God had sent a simple solution even though it may appear small in stature.

The Lord our God will lead you to victory. All you need for the battle is your faith in Him. You move forward in the comfort of being yourself, a Child of God our Father.

David’s choice of weapons were five smooth stones and a sling. And yet he only needed one. Likewise I should never be complacent or take things for granted. How prepared am I? What are my five smooth stones?

Perhaps one is to receive daily Eucharist. Two going regularly for the Sacrament of reconciliation. Three, observe a regular fast so as to draw closer to the Lord. Four, quiet time with Lord, prayer and Adoration. Five, dwelling on the Word of God daily.

Finally in the battle against evil. It is not enough to overcome the threat and stand victorious. I must cut it off from my life completely. Only then can I claim victory.

Glory to God on High! Amen

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