Testimony To His Love and Mercy

Posted: May 11, 2017 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

Haven’t been to visit mum and dad for awhile as I have been very busy. But knowing that both of them haven’t been well I decided after lunch that I would go over after work. Called my wife so that she could arrange to pick Hannah up instead. I didn’t call ahead because I wanted to surprise them.

After I left the office I decided to take a bus as I could take bus 47 direct to their home and the bus stop was only about 50 metres away. There were many empty cabs along the way but I didn’t think anything of it. However just 5 metres from the bus stop I flagged down a cab and got in without any thought.

About 8 minutes away, I received a call from mum asking me where I was? I thought Frances had called and informed her that I was coming so I simply said that I was in a cab on my way. She didn’t quite understand as she was totally unaware of my coming, and asked if I could drop by urgently. She informed me that my dad had fallen and his head was bleeding moreover he couldn’t get up. As she was weak and dizzy she couldn’t lift him up either. I said a prayer for them and asked the Holy Spirit to guide me on what needed to be done.

When I reached their home, my dad was in a fetal position clutching his head at the entrance of the gate. I slowly carried him unto to the wheel chair and checked for bleeding. The bleeding was from his right palm due to two minor cuts. Thankfully there was no head injury or swelling but I guess he was clutching his head due to how close he was to the wall. Praise the Lord that other than having the wind knocked out of him both mum and dad were fine. Dressed his wounds had dinner and helped him to bed.

Praise and thank you Jesus for your mercy and love. Amen

Please lift up prayers for mum and dad. Anthony and Patricia….❤❤❤

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