A Personal Testimony for 2018

Posted: April 1, 2018 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Let me first begin by testifying that the Lord our is God is all merciful, loving and abundantly generous with His gifts. Truly He remembers not our sins when we turn back to Him. This is how my journey towards a deeper relationship with my Lord began about seven plus years ago.

Like many I too struggled with my faith growing up, with little Cathechesis coupled with a desire to live life to the fullest to experience all there is to experience caring little for consequences or restrictions. Only thing that kept me from straying too far was a line from a prayer I somehow always kept in mind throughout the years. It is a petition to our Blessed Mother that said “Mary let me never lose my God.” I have shared my conversion story before, this testimony to God’s love in my life begins after that.

My faith and spirtual growth accelerated as with each passing year I ascended higher and higher up the Lord’s Holy ‘mountain. ‘ The climb up was from easy as it depended heavily on trusting the Lord every step of the way. And it was wrought with challenges, trials and required much personal sacrifice. While I never wanted a leadership position and was more than content to simply serve in any way the Lord wanted me to, I found that it was He that wanted me to take on leadership roles. In obedience I did so, even though I often felt inadequate or ill equipped. It was through Him alone that I became quite good at it, was given many gifts to do as needed and began to see the many fruits. How wonderful it was to witness the change in so many peoples lives simply by being an instrument of His grace.

Then the year of change came, and soon I found myself being shoved off the ‘mountain’ and spiraling down. Needless to say there was great disappointment and uncertainty. What is your plan for me Lord? Why would you allow almost everything we built up for your Kingdom be slowly destroyed? Were we not humble enough in our pursuit? I had so many questions but no answers!

A brother in Christ whom I love and respect did not have any answers for me except to say he was prompted to share that I should read 2 Sirach. I glanced through it and thanked Him. Then a few months later I went for spiritual counselling and my spiritual guide led me to the very same scripture text. This time I paid attention and started reflecting and meditating on the word for me.

The Lord truly was speaking to my heart. He called me his son and that I should cleave to Him. The same word cleave as it appears in Gen 2:24 to be united as One with Him. There will be temptations and trials as I strive to carry my cross to follow Him but He will always be with me. And so while He has spoken to me in so many ways and through so many passages from His living word. 2 Sirach will always hold a special place in my Heart for it has enkindled a fire within me to love and serve Him with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. Amen

Happy Easter and may the Risen Lord reign in your lives always.

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