How Do You Know If The Holy Spirit Is Within You?

Posted: August 25, 2010 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Memory Book

In the past I have often wondered myself?  Is there any visible signs? Do you feel a thingly sensation? Will a dove appear over our heads? How would I really know for sure?

Well speaking from my own personal experience you’ll definitely know.  Many will have different experiences and yet some are similiar or the same.  This is not as crptic as it sounds, basically it means we will not only receive and experience the Holy Spirit in different degress but we may be given different spiritual gifts at different times.  It will also depend entirely on our individual state of grace.

Here are some tell tale signs of the Holy Spirit from my own personal experience :-

  • You will tend to smile more then you ever did, if not visibly on your face then inwardly.
  • You will feel inner peace and joy like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.
  • Dirty Jokes, pictures, etc. will be offensive to you when ordinarily it never bothered you before.
  • You will be guided to read certain Scripture at certain times to help you with whatever is going on in your life.
  • You will have a better understanding of Scripture then ever before.
  • You will have a fire to share with others your wonderful new experiences then you would normally have. ( Even if you were an introvert)
  • You will be shown the ‘way’ when you least expect it.
  • Some times you will be guided on how to pray.

The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit are in abundance therefore the above are just footnotes….

  1. Desiree says:

    I was embarrassed when I didn’t fall after receiving the holy spirit but I felt a tingling sensation and dizziness afterwards what does this mean ? does it still work even if you didn’t fall ? and does the pastor take offense if you didn’t fall ?

  2. CatholicJules says:

    Dear Desiree, I take it that you are talking about being slain or rather resting in the Spirit. Not every single person must fall in order to receive the Holy Spirit or for that matter for the Holy Spirit to be effective. My take is that resting in the Spirit is a gift, and if we let ourselves go i.e. not over think or fight it then we have a chance to truly rest and be rejuvenated. That being said, even if you do not rest in the Spirit, but have the desire to be led, to be counseled, to be healed then the Holy Spirit is already within you.

    The love and power of God through the Holy Spirit can manifests in many different ways to different people. The tingling sensation and even slight dizziness are some known forms of consolations of the Holy Spirit. A state of interior warmth ‘by which the soul is inflamed with the love of its Creator and Lord’. This includes ‘tears that move to the love of God, whether it be because of sorrow for sins, or because of the sufferings of Christ our Lord, or for any other reason that is immediately directed to the praise and service of God’.

    A word of caution to those enjoying ‘consolation’ is important. We should guard against ‘a spirit of pride and vain-glory’, remembering ‘that it is not within our power to attain great devotion, intense love, or any other spiritual consolation, but that all this is the gift and grace of God.’ One must be like Mary, the model Christian, Spirit-filled yet hungry, rejoicing in one’s privileged state as well as knowing one’s creatureliness.

    Love In Christ,

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