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Healing Praticum Sat 18 Mar

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We had a Healing practicum on 18 Mar 2023. There were a number of prayer groups comprising of Encounter Ministries’ first year students and invited guests who needed healing that Blessed Saturday morning. This is the feedback we got from 3 out of 4 guests who came to our prayer room. I am still reeling from excitement and in awe of the goodness of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Even through zoom He extended His healing grace, and we got to be a part of and witness to His glory! Amen

19 Feb Sunday 2023

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Today after the morning  Eucharistic Celebration at Church of St Michael’s; my wife, daughter and I were having breakfast at ‘Angel’s Corner’

The yummy breakfast of the day was cous cous sautéed in butter. We were seated at a table with four seats. One lady from the breakfast team showed an elderly lady to our table and offered to get her a plate and coffee. While we were eating, I introduced myself and she told me her name was Irene. She lived within walking distance and was thankful for that because her eyesight was failing her and she was not confident to travel farther than what she has to, to reach church.

After breakfast I offered to pray for her and asked if she had any prayer request. She asked for prayers for her eyesight and prayers for her husband who had failing kidneys and was in great pain lying in bed at home. I told her that I would pray for her first then later fur Richard her husband. I asked if I could place my hand on her shoulder as I prayed she agreed.

After I prayed, I asked if there was any improvement? She quickly replied, “Not so fast one ah! And smiled” I asked if she felt anything? She said it got very warm when I prayed for her. I told her that I sensed the Lord had great love fire her and healing has already begun. She should test it out when she got home. I then started praying for Richard. After the she was saying that she was so thankful to have met me. I told her to thank Jesus instead for creating this opportunity.

Praise the Lord!

5th Feb Sunday

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Today I decided to attend mass at Church of St Anthony not expecting to pray for anyone. Still I was open to my Lord’s prompting. As I walked in I saw Clement my brother in Christ, whom I was eager to share my recent prophesy praticuum adventure. Before I started sharing I asked how he was doing and was surprised to learn he was not too good. He was having diarrhea and was going to meet a couple who after mass to answer their questions about our Catholic faith. They were keen to join RCIA but had some questions before signing up. Clement thought his diarrhea might be the evil one’s work. I leaned in to pray for his swift recovery.

Later at mass I happened to see Aunty Alice seated a few rows in front of me. She is the mother of a good friend who had migrated to Australia. Aunty now in her late seventies, early eighty is battling cancer all alone ever since her husband passed on last year. In the past she had volunteered for many years at the coffee corner at our Parish serving, coffee, tea and milo for free. (reimbursed by the church) She had also taught line dancing and even performed at events from time to time. She attended daily mass and had a generous heart. I was so happy to see her up and about and attending the Sunday Eucharist. I was sure the Lord wanted me to pray for her. So immediately after mass ended I rushed to where she was seated, sat beside, hugged and offered to pray for her. As I prayed over her, I told her that I sensed the Lord wanted me to tell her that He was pleased with her faithfulness over the years. And that He had asked His mother our Blessed Mother to accompany her to the very end. She was not alone! She teared, thanked and commented ‘what a beautiful prayer’ I kissed her on her head and bid her farewell.

As I was leaving church, I saw Sharon, Clement’s wife. She looked a little worn out. Probably because she was caring for her aged mum who had just been discharged from the hospital for having seizures. I prayed over her that the Lord would rejuvenate her drooping spirit. And for a renewed, reinvigorated body, mind and spirit.

I am just so very thankful for this blessed Sunday, for being able to minister to His beloved ones. Amen

4th Feb 2023 Praticuum- Prophesy

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Wow! The Lord was truly present.

Group 3 first guest/s to come in was an elderly couple who happened to be the parents of a lady in our group and her husband too was also in our group. For the elderly lady I sensed the Lord saying to her that He knows how much she loves Him. And in her desire to have a deeper encounter with Him all she needed to do was to lift up her hands and He will lift her up in a loving embrace. For the uncle I saw the word struggling. Told him that I didn’t know what he was struggling with, only that it was nothing physical more a mental struggle. However as uncle was taciturn, he remained silent. Later when he left, his daughter shared that her sister was going through something and he was struggling with it. Praise the Lord.

The second lady who came in was in her 60s, requested we pray for her health issues and wanted to know what the Lord thought about what she was doing for Him. When it was my turn I shared that the Lord was pleased with her. She had a mother’s heart for people and wanted her minister to others out of that mother’s love and heart. As for her health issue, as she did not share what it was I had the sense from the Lord that it was her legs. I asked her for confirmation and she teared as she shared that she had just recently come home from the hospital and of which her legs were healing up. I leaned it to pray for her healing.

The last lady to come in, I prophesied that the joy of the Lord was upon her. The Lord knows she is a rather joyful soul and she brings joy to others. That being said she hides her own problems behind her smile. The Lord knows it and will be with her throughout.

Group prophesy is a amazing because we each uniquely carry our Father’s heart for the person He sends our way to minister. Collectively we bring about the fullness of God His love He has for them. Amen

29 Sun Church of St Michael

A cold, morning with light gentle showers of Blessing. Managed to arrive safely with my family and had just enough time to go for the sacrament of reconciliation.

Sat next to a nice lady who was attentive to hear me say to our kids that there was enough room for their mum who hadn’t yet come in. So she moved in closer to her husband so that we all could sit together in the pew. At the exchange of peace, I introduced myself and Suzy did likewise. So after mass I offered to pray for her. Apart for the healing from an itchy throat and cough, I had the sense while praying that the Lord was pleased with her and that He wanted her to minister to those He will send her way with that motherly heart. Praise the Lord!

Then I met a brother from my parish, Church of St Anthony who is serving at CSM under some food and beverage ministry of sorts. They serve free breakfast after the early morning mass. I was very interested to know what goes on behind the scenes and how they manage it. It was amazing to see parishioners intermingling, talking and getting to know one another over breakfast. I offered to pray over him. As I prayed for a fresh anointing from our Lord I suddenly stopped mid prayer, as I saw a vision of a powerful waterfall, I declared it to him saying it was the anointing over him. Immediately he said he saw and received it, then started tearing. He shared then whenever he experiences a powerful presence of the Lord, he starts to tear.a Praise the Lord!

As I walked over to the library two lovely ladies, ex parishioners of CSA now serving as wardens at CSM came up to greet and hug me at the same time! I was delighted at such a warm reception and held them with each arm and prayed over them. Just as I was about to announce that rays from heaven were descending upon them, the lady on my left just plopped her head on my shoulder thankfully her legs were still stable as the other lady beside her gently lifted her head up. She shared later that she had felt a very warm session come over her. Praise the Lord!

Will I be given this wonderful opportunity every week? The Lord only knows… As I shared before, here I am Lord, I come to do Your will. Amen

Prophesy and Word of Knowledge

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21 Jan 2023 Sat SG

Another exciting session of activations on Prophesying out of words of knowledge and wisdom.

I had to get a word of knowledge from something in the past then ask the Lord for a prophesy for something in the future for the person grouped with me. And I got Father Ken Barker! Needless to say how affirming it was to hear him say spot on! His sharing for the word of knowledge was spot on too! Praise the Lord. A snippet on what he shared is that he has the sense the Lord has given victory over a habitual sin I had struggled with for many years. And now I am to minister to others showing them how to overcome habitual sins!

We then had to be grouped in pairs once again and ask the Lord for 5 words of knowledge for our partner. Again all five with be either a yes or no answer for both of us. A lady from Australia went first and got 4 out of 5 correct. The last one being wrong was if I was prone to headaches. Praise the Lord! When it came to my turn I just went what the Lord showed and told me, and I was relived abs thankful that I got it all right!

We had a few more rounds before it was time to prophesy at a group level. Basically 8 pairs would take turns to pray and see the Lord highlight a person in the whole group and prophesy to that person in front of the rest. I volunteered as someone was very quickly highlighted to me. It was a little nerve wrecking doing it before the the whole group but the Lord had highlighted the lady to me so I simply trusted and leaned into His word for her. She said it resonated with her and was edified to take the next step forward. Praise the Lord!

After today’s two hour session I was still reeling and a little dazed by the wonders that took place. What struck me the most, was that by taking risks, we can minister more fully to the ones our Lord put before us.

How wonderful it is to hear the Lord speak to us intimately through the details shared by His prophets!

I attended evening mass and the Lord highlighted an old lady in a wheelchair to pray for, so I walked up to her then saw a church friend sitting bedside her. Turns out it was her mother, I asked the friend for mum’s name and prayed over her. As I walked back to my seat next to my wife who was the lector on duty, I saw a mutual friend standing outside the church hall, a Eucharistic minister preparing to serve. My wife had mentioned a week back that he was in a lot of pain and was going for an operation very soon. I went over to him, joked a little wth him before I prayed for his pain to subside. For Jesus to heal him and if not right away, then to please Bless the surgeon preforming the operation, so that all will be well. I then quickly made my way back to my seat as mass was starting soon.

After communion I noticed he was walking back to his seat in an odd manner. Most likely he was still very much in pain. I decided to lean into praying for the pain away. The Lord showed me a vision of a leather wine skin. I asked the Lord what it meant for him? All I got was ‘new wine skin.’

So after mass I went up and told him I sensed that he still in great pain, so prayed for the pain to go away. Then I shared the vision and what I got from the Lord about it. I asked if it made any sense to him as I was clueless. He shared that it made perfect sense to him. What?? He shared that his doctor had told him that was going to get a graft to replace the ruptured skin, a result caused by the hernia so in essence new skin! Praise the Lord!


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Merry Christmas

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As the year draws to a close, I am especially thankful this year to have drawn closer to my Father’s heart more than I have ever been. To learn or rather re-learn about His heart for me and for others.

There are three such learnings and all three, are more deeply embraced when a decision is made to live and apply them daily.

First is speaking words of my Father into the hearts of all that I meet. It has the power to transform, comfort and heal. It carries the grace of our loving Father and is life giving. Hence just as my words have the power to uplift, so too it can tear down. Hence if my desire is to reflect the heart of my Father then I must be always careful with what I say and how I say it. If I cannot be life giving then I should be silent till I can.

Second is loving others with the heart of my Heavenly Father. I must see everyone beliver and unbeliever alike with the heart and mind of my Father for them. His children whom He loves and adores. While it is far easier to love those who love and respect us. It is far greater to love those most difficult to love. For if we love them with our Father’s heart then we become fully aligned with Him. We enter into full communion with Him, by taking up our cross and following after His Son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who loves us after the heart of His Father.

Third and finally is that I must carry the joy of my Lord wherever I go. For I carry His very presence with me. I can speak His peace, love and joy into any situation, place or atmosphere. How then can the joy of His presence not be reflected on my face, in all that I say and do? I want to bring His joy with me always. Amen

In all my endeavors I shall seek progress not perfection. For I know I can only be perfected through Christ my Lord. ❤️

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On Prophesying

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03 Dec 2022

I’m still reeling with excitement over today’s activations, speed-prophesying for one another. I saw first hand how easily one might fall into a performance based mentality instead of trusting fully in our relationship with our loving merciful Father who desires progress not perfection.

The whole learning process was encouraging, affirming and edyfying! While I’m quite sure it would have been daunting for anyone to have two priests to prophesy over I felt it was a real privilege an honour. First Fr Ken Barker founder of Missionaries of God’s Love and later Fr Chris Eaton both affirmed that what I had shared resonated with them. I also had the opportunity to prophesy over two ladies, one said it fully resonated with her while the other from the same order MGL said she needed more time to discern what was shared.

I was edified by all the prophesies for me. But two really stood out, one about God our Father wanting to have fun with me, like Father and son playing cards. The other was about ministering out of God our Father’s abundance. When I think that’s it there is always more. After she said it I felt an outpouring of grace. More Lord… More. Amen

Renewed Mind

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On the way to Sunday Eucharist I was contemplating on how to move forwards with a renewed mind and ministering as a temple of the Holy Spirit. I met with a fellow brother Christ just outside the entrance and sharing the joys and wonders of my current journey. And at the same time my fears. Which on hindsight I should have none if my mind is renewed in the Lord!

As I walked in I met with his wife who stood with a sister in Christ, welcoming me. The wife shared that our sister was leaving Singapore for good, first back to Philippines then to Japan. She was going to leave in December. I asked if she had any prayer request? I was surprised to hear her share that she had an ovarian cyst issue. I paused a little stunned then realised my call to step up in faith and love! I offered to pray for her on the spot, held her shoulders and commanded for the cyst to shrink and disappear in Jesus’s name and for complete healing to take place. I then paused and shared a vision I had for her. I felt the awesome presence of our Lord. After praying I went to take my seat. Then remembered that I should ask her to keep me updated on her situation so I can give thanks and glory to God.

When I sat down I took out my Bible and was looking for Romans 12:12 about living with renewed minds but was led instead to Romans 12:12-13
12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer. 13 Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.

I believe the Lord was affirming my act in faith! Praise the Lord!

Fratelli Tutti

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Rich insights and depth do take the time to read this 3rd Encyclical by Holy Father Pope Francis

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Happy mother’s day

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Dearest Blessed Mother of Christ, our Beloved mother, we are grateful for your unending love and intercession for us. We your children love you with all our hearts… Happy Mothers day!May the loving grace of your Son Jesus Christ our Lord, be upon all mothers this day and everyday . Amen


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What a start to the new year! It started out great with the Eucharistic Celebration then followed by the Benediction at midnight ending with the Salve Regina in Latin.

Then we headed down to the auditorium for food, drinks, dancing and singing. Then rushed home at about 2:30am. Which left me only about 3hrs of sleep as I had committed to serve as a steward and had agreed to joint lead the hymns with Bro Augustine for the EC later at 8am.

Got dressed, rushed out the door at about 6:55am and rode my bicycle to Church, what I didn’t expect was to fall off the bike while turning out to the pathway! Sprained my right wrist, hurt a rib but otherwise I was fine. Strangely my white long sleeve shirt and tie was still clean, dusted off my slacks and was good to go or so I thought! The bicycle chain got jammed and so I couldn’t pedal. Brought the bike back upstairs to see if I could fix it without getting dirty, tried without success as I needed to get my tools out. Figured I didn’t have enough time so decided to take a bus to church instead.

As I was still early, I sat behind to go through the hymns. When Bro Jem came in and sat beside me. He thanked me for my reflections and honest sharings with him in 2019 which caught me off guard as he was quiet about it at the time. Anyhow he shared that he intended to lead the Lauds before EC and I encouraged him to do so.

Then while praying the Lauds one of the altar servers, I think it was Gabriel (he has an identical twin Michael and I have difficultly telling them apart) sat beside me and asked if we had chosen the hymns? Told him yes and he offered to play the guitar. He asked for the hymn titles so he could prepare the chords for them. Shared with him the opening hymn was ‘What child is this’ Offertory Hymn ‘Of my hands I give to You’ Communion hymn ‘I am the bread of life’ and Recessional ‘Mother dear pray for me’. His brother again I think it was Michael came up to tell him that if he was planning to sit with me and strum from where I was at; the congregation would not be able to hear clearly. So he left for the loft to use a microphone. I was wondering how we would pull it off together as there was no time to rehearse neither was I able to share with Bro Augustine the slight changes or rather enhancements. Praise the Lord all went very well indeed, I strongly belive through the workings of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of our Blessed Mother. Bro Augustine also affirmed later by whatsapp, that we are indeed many parts but one Body In Christ!

Anyhow it is quite clear to me that at this very start of the new year, it is about growimg in faith through discipleship. While there will certainly be trials and challenges ahead. Our Lord, His Blessed mother and the Holy Spirit will be with me and you through it all. Amen

A little on the communities I am part of…

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It is always a struggle for our parishes to encourage and start neighbourhood groups and small Christian communities. There is always the question of time, knowledge on how to do it and the resources to get one running. If only everyone got to experience just how wonderful an experience it is to journey together with and in the Lord, all the anxiety and challenges that one might perceive to face will be moot!

There is also a sad reality that there are some who had at one time belonged to a community of believers but have allowed the cares of the world to overshadow them. They give excuse after excuse till they decide that no excuse is necessary any longer for leaving behind their community behind. It is just the way it is, their priorities have changed. They will never admit that their lives become empty and shallow. They think they can grow in faith, love and spirituality on their own. The truth is that unless they practise a sort of monastic asceticism focused on Christ their growth is already stunted. We can only pray that they come back to the community who awaits them with open arms.

Here is something I put together to encourage everyone…..

**Importance of Belonging To A Small Christian Community**

Without going into depth, sharing my experience of the importance of being part of a Christian community as we are all called to do as believers in Christ Jesus our Lord.

1. Authentically we live out our faith as one Body In Christ.

2.Accountability, we become accountable to one another in striving for holiness.

3. We learn to be charitable and generous with one another and others outside our community.

4. We become aware of the importance of being present for one another and are willing to sacrifice to be there for one another.

5. Jesus blesses us with His presence in our homes and in the places we gather in His name; His mother our Blessed Mother Mary is always with us as well.

6. The word of God is alive and active in our lives because His Word reigns in our hearts.

7. Our other devotions like the rosary and divine mercy becomes more powerful and alive through His Word which stands above all.

8. We are affirmed and encouraged through the sharing of our testimonies of our Lord’s love in our lives.

9. We are witnesses to the transformations of one another that takes place through Christ our Lord.

10. We bear witness and affirm one another’s gifts of the Holy Spirit which we use collectively to build our Lord’s kingdom.

11. We bask in the love of our Lord through our fraternal bonds that grow stronger through our faith and love with and in Him.

12. With growth of His love within our community we become more inclusive, warm and inviting to others seeking our Lord.

13. Many within the community will be challenged to be more and do more. Always relying on His strength, grace and love.

14. We are witnesses to the effects of our own transformed lives which has a great positive impact on our families, friends and parish communities.

15. We grow in our zeal to share His love with all that we meet. We become bolder and more courageous in our endeavour.

16. We start living in the Spirit according to the Will of God.

17. We experience the peace and joy of Christ constantly in our lives.

18. As our community matures in faith we adore and praise God more and more as One Body In Him, as we come together to intercede more often for others.

19. We are there for one another in our joys as well as our sorrows. The experience of having your brothers and sisters in Christ with you in the these moments are out of this world and to be cherished.

20. As the community grows and matures further we are driven to Mission through Christ our Lord. Amen

Our Lady of The Rosary (memorial)

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The Rosary of the Virgin Mary, which gradually took form in the second millennium under the guidance of the Spirit of God, is a prayer loved by countless Saints and encouraged by the Magisterium. Simple yet profound, it still remains, at the dawn of this third millennium, a prayer of great significance, destined to bring forth a harvest of holiness. It blends easily into the spiritual journey of the Christian life, which, after two thousand years, has lost none of the freshness of its beginnings and feels drawn by the Spirit of God to “set out into the deep” (duc in altum!) in order once more to proclaim, and even cry out, before the world that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour, “the way, and the truth and the life” (Jn 14:6), “the goal of human history and the point on which the desires of history and civilization turn”.(1)

The Rosary, though clearly Marian in character, is at heart a Christocentric prayer. In the sobriety of its elements, it has all the depth of the Gospel message in its entirety, of which it can be said to be a compendium.(2) It is an echo of the prayerof Mary, her perennial Magnificat for the work of the redemptive Incarnation which began in her virginal womb. With the Rosary, the Christian people sits at the school of Mary and is led to contemplate the beauty on the face of Christ and to experience the depths of his love. Through the Rosary the faithful receive abundant grace, as though from the very hands of the Mother of the Redeemer

St John Paul II


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My mission..

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So I was warmly invited to attend a Servants of The Lord prayer meeting in the home of the brother who first introduced me to the group which I had never heard of till about a month ago. Even he was not aware I was coming because another fellow brother in the group wanted it to be a surprise. I attended with no expectations except to experience the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Being an Ecumenical group I already knew that many of our Catholic prayer traditions would not take place. However it was refreshing to experience a Christian adaption of the Jewish custom to celebrate the Sabbath aka The Lord’s day. Traditionally this took place beginning Sunset on Saturday. (the sabbath ended sunset on Sunday) There was even the adaptation of the ‘Berakah’ prayer which was beautiful, because while it was led, the community responded Blessing the Lord our God and acknowledging all that He has done and continues to do for us. There was breaking of bread and drinking of wine symbolising the community fellowship of old. Praise and worship was also refreshingly Charismatic in nature. And almost everyone participated in vocalising prayers of worship, thanksgiving and not forgetting intercessory prayers. Then we got our food and sat down to watch a short formation talk. We later broke off in groups to reflect and share. Men, Women and youths. After the sharing we proceeded home and on our way to glorify and praise the Lord by our lives.


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As we are approaching the month of the rosary, and in preparation I urge you all to watch and listen to this talk by Fr Don….it’s wonderful and enriching.

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As scripture says: By my life—it is the Lord who speaks—every knee shall bend before me, and every tongue shall praise God. (Rm 14:11)

All creation sings praise to God simply by being fully what the Creator intended. Obedience to God’s designs is in itself an act of worship. Worship without obedience is merely hollow flattery. Yet both worship and obedience are less than Christian if they do not spring from the one root: love of God.

Faith and Morals

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You attend a retreat and the Lord speaks to you, you take notes then after the retreat you shelve your notebook all is lost!

You share keypoints and takeaways with your members, will they understand what has to be done, will they be moved? The nuances and graces received from the retreat are all lost on them!

You attend and are moved to do more, pray more, be more but afterwards go back to your old comforts and ways of doing what you have been doing. All is lost!

You attempt to put into practice what you have learnt and at the first sign of resistance you wave the white flag. All is lost!

Having attended a spirit filled retreat perhaps one should modify an old motto, ‘No retreat, No surrender! I will move forwards with and in the Lord and will only surrender all to Him’ Amen


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We have it..

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Pledge of a Steward of the Banquet

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This is my code of conduct, mission statement all rolled into one. Something I am striving to live out.

On Faith

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Solemnity of Corpus Christi 2019

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Solemnity of Corpus Christi 2019

Today is a very Holy Special day in which we commemorate and celebrate the real presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. The tangible reality of God’s great love for us. Our Eucharistic Lord and saviour whom we carry in procession in our hearts this day and everyday.

It is also a specially revered day for all Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and often a day in which new ministers are commissioned. Two members, a couple from our CG LOL SCC (small Christian community)Derek and Felicia answered this call and were commissioned today. Praise the Lord.

It was such an honour and privilege today of all days to be asked to lead the prayer; as we gathered outside at the foyer to pray as one Church before service. Stewards of the Banquet together with our brethren from EMHC.

Jesus You are indeed our Eucharistic Lord and God, we praise and thank You for receiving us, just as we have received You in that loving embrace during Holy Communion. May we always be one with You in all that we say and do. Amen


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On Serving As A…

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While in Adoration…

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While in Adoration this morning…

Lent Reflection session

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To Be Your Valentine

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Thank You Lord

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What a wonderful way to end the liturgical year! Thanksgiving Eucharist with Gloria Patri Ministry leading the way from one year into the next urging us all to embrace our cross and follow Jesus.

Memorable too because my wife proclaimed the first reading for the first time from the pulpit. Then our Lord blessed me too with an opportunity to serve Him as an Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. This brought a tear to my eye for I felt His endearing love for me. He knew that I would always be willing to serve Him in any capacity. Even if it meant doing something I was uncomfortable with. I only pray that as we enter into the new year, Holy Spirit Lord will guide my steps and guard my heart. Amen

Blessed Advent everyone!

Marriage Vows

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Yesterday night, during the healing mass led by Gloria Patri Ministry. The atmosphere was the most intense it has ever been in a long while and lots of healing took place through the healing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise be to our ever merciful and loving God!

Father was inspired by the Gospel reading to lead married couples in renewing of their marriage vows to one another. My wife turned to me and said she did not want to put me in a spot and that she did not want to do it. She would bring my daughter out to go to the toilet when the time came. I turned to her baffled. She saw my look and asked why? Did I want to do it? I replied why is it even a question?

I began to feel uncomfortable as to why I was even there? I was not angry but overwhelmed with sorrow. My wife’s reaction was puzzling to me, was there something I did wrong or hurt her that she did not want to do it? I could not shake the feeling even after verbally praying and asking Jesus to take the hurt feelings away.

Then Joseph the prayer leader revealed more healing taking place. All of a sudden I heard him say, “The Lord is touching you, Julian, Julian!” At that very moment all the negative feelings were taken away and I felt His profound love envelop me.

Later Father invited the married couples to stand and face one another, my wife stood up and invited me to do likewise. We took one another’s hands and renewed our commitment to love one another. Praise the Lord!

Later that night I shared with her how disappointed I was initially with her reaction. She explained that she wanted to do it, but out of respect for me she did not want to compel me to do it. Apparently she had a recording in her mind, of something I shared with her a few years back. I had told her I did not believe in the practise of renewing one’s vows. Afterall our marriage vows is covenantal, forever not something that needed to be renewed like a driver’s license. We should look upon the vows we made as sacred. What we should continue to renew is our love for each other.

Yes I remembered saying it and still believe in what I said. However I was willing to do so out of obedience to the priest who encouraged it and for her sake. ❤️


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Theme – Love or lost

What a blessing to be part of the first ever archdiocese level family camp. Families from different parishes gathered together to experience the love of our Lord and to have fun together.

The youths had several opportunities to reflect as well as bond through their own separate activities. The kids too, those below 12 had some enrichment and lots of fun games to take part in. While the adults re-learnt the great importance of loving one another after God. That is if we love God first in our lives; followed by loving one another, the love for our children will be heightened and the family will be one.

Apart from that it gave me great joy to meet and bond with other families from the other parishes. The greatest joy came from first being given the opportunity as husband and wife to serve at the Eucharistic celebrations, especially on the feast of Corpus Christi. And secondly, being able to share the love of Christ through our faith experiences with one another. By giving hope and encouragement to a mother struggling to bring the family together for prayer. Then sharing with another who was genuinely seeking but not yet finding; the experience and importance of belonging to a community even building up one through faith in Christ.

All of us were truly blessed not only to experience the love of Christ in very tangible ways but to have a wonderful spiritual director who led us very much closer to Him through the love sessions.

I was very much in awe to learn at the end of the camp as we were departing that the lady I had spoken to about community had managed to get three other families staying close by to continue their journey together. One of them was a neophyte! What a blessing indeed to witness the grace of God and the fruits of the camp.

Glory and Praise to God our Father, His son our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Amen

The journey towards Easter this year was certainly not what I hoped for. By far in the last five years this has been the dryest one of all. Still I clung on as tightly as I could to His love for me.

In the last three weeks leading up to Easter my reflection was on the denial of St Peter. How easy it was to judge him for his lack of faith when it mattered most. And yet how many times had I denied Jesus in my own words and actions? Hence as far as possible I would call to mind this reflection.

The second reflection that hit me in an all new way and only recently was in Jesus’s washing of his disciples feet. St Peter’s response is another classic, in which he protested that his Lord should not wash his feet. Is my own respond to Jesus any different? When I allow empty pride get in the way of allowing my saviour to cleanse me that I be made worthy of Him? I have no part of Him otherwise! He did not cling to His divinity, instead He humbled himself to go on His knees to wash my feet. To cleanse me of my sins. That very act brought to mind the Sacrament of reconciliation. Why does it matter which priest it is? What did it matter how dirty and dark my sins were? How embarrassing it was for me to confess? How can I allow pride to prevent my saviour from cleansing me? Also in that very act of love for me, by washing my feet he shows me how I am called to lead others to His love. I am called to do so in the very same manner.

While I was mourning the loss of my Spirituality this Lent, my dear Lord was speaking His truth to my heart in a deep profound way. My eyes were opened to His great love for me and you during the Easter Vigil! His Peace perfumed the air. His abundant blessings came down upon us as Holy water was sprinkled and we were renewed in His holiness. His shepherd then let us in a joyful celebration in His love. I praised and thanked Jesus and offered to try my hardest to always stand ready to serve Him in humility. I honestly did not think He would call me so soon, but that very night I was called up to serve Him even though it looked there were more than enough hands and feet on duty. Needless to say I was in awe. Joy filled my heart and it has carried over today.

May the joy of the Risen Lord fill your heart not just for a day or two but for all eternity. Amen

My Easter Candle

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My Easter candle came with a message….. I need to bleed a little more for Him.

Easter 2018

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Truly Blessed Easter celebration. To have celebrated with joy and thankful hearts with the whole Parish! Lifting hands in praise and worship. To have received both the body and blood of Christ and to be given the opportunity to serve Him. Thank You Jesus…


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Recollection on my Birthday

Recalling in awe and amazement how the Lord has fast tracked my faith life in the last 7 years.


1. Placed in me a growing desire to learn more after realising I knew so little about Eucharist during my eldest First Holy Communion programme.
2. Called to service as Extraordinary Communion Minister of Holy Communion.
3. Called to journey through LISS.
4. Called to deepen my faith in the Holy Eucharist by facilitating the FHC program.
5. Called to deepen my faith and love for Jesus and the Holy Spirit through the Four Steps Retreat.
6. Called to help facilitate LISS from time to time.
7. Given opportunities to serve as an altar server, doubling up as communion minister.
8. Given opportunities to proclaim the word as a Lector.
9. Give opportunities to be Animator for choir
10. Called to start a neighbourhood group.
11. Called to start a blog
12. Called to start a Facebook page (currently with 12k followers around the globe)
13. Called to facilitate confirmation program for two young adults.
14. Called to deeper discipleship through burning bush, RISS and other such programs.
15. Called to leadership.
16. Called to mentor others into discipleship
17. Called to journey with CPS small Christian community.
18. Neighbour group transforms into small Christian community.
19. Called to share the faith through talks and personal testimonies
20. Guiding those who desire to serve into ministry.
21. Planning and development for the future.

I am indeed grateful, thankful and humble by the many blessings and Graces ourpoured by the Holy Trinity. I Pray that whatever I am called to do will be strictly the Lord’s will for me, and that it may be done in a way pleasing to Him, the Lord my God. Amen


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Today was the first time I gave a talk at a RCIA session. Scripture passage Luke 9:23-24 Praise the Lord for His graces and inspiration. Great opportunity to share the 7 characteristics of the Cross We are called to carry. 

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