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Healing Praticum Sat 18 Mar

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We had a Healing practicum on 18 Mar 2023. There were a number of prayer groups comprising of Encounter Ministries’ first year students and invited guests who needed healing that Blessed Saturday morning. This is the feedback we got from 3 out of 4 guests who came to our prayer room. I am still reeling from excitement and in awe of the goodness of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Even through zoom He extended His healing grace, and we got to be a part of and witness to His glory! Amen

5th Feb Sunday

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Today I decided to attend mass at Church of St Anthony not expecting to pray for anyone. Still I was open to my Lord’s prompting. As I walked in I saw Clement my brother in Christ, whom I was eager to share my recent prophesy praticuum adventure. Before I started sharing I asked how he was doing and was surprised to learn he was not too good. He was having diarrhea and was going to meet a couple who after mass to answer their questions about our Catholic faith. They were keen to join RCIA but had some questions before signing up. Clement thought his diarrhea might be the evil one’s work. I leaned in to pray for his swift recovery.

Later at mass I happened to see Aunty Alice seated a few rows in front of me. She is the mother of a good friend who had migrated to Australia. Aunty now in her late seventies, early eighty is battling cancer all alone ever since her husband passed on last year. In the past she had volunteered for many years at the coffee corner at our Parish serving, coffee, tea and milo for free. (reimbursed by the church) She had also taught line dancing and even performed at events from time to time. She attended daily mass and had a generous heart. I was so happy to see her up and about and attending the Sunday Eucharist. I was sure the Lord wanted me to pray for her. So immediately after mass ended I rushed to where she was seated, sat beside, hugged and offered to pray for her. As I prayed over her, I told her that I sensed the Lord wanted me to tell her that He was pleased with her faithfulness over the years. And that He had asked His mother our Blessed Mother to accompany her to the very end. She was not alone! She teared, thanked and commented ‘what a beautiful prayer’ I kissed her on her head and bid her farewell.

As I was leaving church, I saw Sharon, Clement’s wife. She looked a little worn out. Probably because she was caring for her aged mum who had just been discharged from the hospital for having seizures. I prayed over her that the Lord would rejuvenate her drooping spirit. And for a renewed, reinvigorated body, mind and spirit.

I am just so very thankful for this blessed Sunday, for being able to minister to His beloved ones. Amen

4th Feb 2023 Praticuum- Prophesy

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Wow! The Lord was truly present.

Group 3 first guest/s to come in was an elderly couple who happened to be the parents of a lady in our group and her husband too was also in our group. For the elderly lady I sensed the Lord saying to her that He knows how much she loves Him. And in her desire to have a deeper encounter with Him all she needed to do was to lift up her hands and He will lift her up in a loving embrace. For the uncle I saw the word struggling. Told him that I didn’t know what he was struggling with, only that it was nothing physical more a mental struggle. However as uncle was taciturn, he remained silent. Later when he left, his daughter shared that her sister was going through something and he was struggling with it. Praise the Lord.

The second lady who came in was in her 60s, requested we pray for her health issues and wanted to know what the Lord thought about what she was doing for Him. When it was my turn I shared that the Lord was pleased with her. She had a mother’s heart for people and wanted her minister to others out of that mother’s love and heart. As for her health issue, as she did not share what it was I had the sense from the Lord that it was her legs. I asked her for confirmation and she teared as she shared that she had just recently come home from the hospital and of which her legs were healing up. I leaned it to pray for her healing.

The last lady to come in, I prophesied that the joy of the Lord was upon her. The Lord knows she is a rather joyful soul and she brings joy to others. That being said she hides her own problems behind her smile. The Lord knows it and will be with her throughout.

Group prophesy is a amazing because we each uniquely carry our Father’s heart for the person He sends our way to minister. Collectively we bring about the fullness of God His love He has for them. Amen

Prophesy and Word of Knowledge

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21 Jan 2023 Sat SG

Another exciting session of activations on Prophesying out of words of knowledge and wisdom.

I had to get a word of knowledge from something in the past then ask the Lord for a prophesy for something in the future for the person grouped with me. And I got Father Ken Barker! Needless to say how affirming it was to hear him say spot on! His sharing for the word of knowledge was spot on too! Praise the Lord. A snippet on what he shared is that he has the sense the Lord has given victory over a habitual sin I had struggled with for many years. And now I am to minister to others showing them how to overcome habitual sins!

We then had to be grouped in pairs once again and ask the Lord for 5 words of knowledge for our partner. Again all five with be either a yes or no answer for both of us. A lady from Australia went first and got 4 out of 5 correct. The last one being wrong was if I was prone to headaches. Praise the Lord! When it came to my turn I just went what the Lord showed and told me, and I was relived abs thankful that I got it all right!

We had a few more rounds before it was time to prophesy at a group level. Basically 8 pairs would take turns to pray and see the Lord highlight a person in the whole group and prophesy to that person in front of the rest. I volunteered as someone was very quickly highlighted to me. It was a little nerve wrecking doing it before the the whole group but the Lord had highlighted the lady to me so I simply trusted and leaned into His word for her. She said it resonated with her and was edified to take the next step forward. Praise the Lord!

After today’s two hour session I was still reeling and a little dazed by the wonders that took place. What struck me the most, was that by taking risks, we can minister more fully to the ones our Lord put before us.

How wonderful it is to hear the Lord speak to us intimately through the details shared by His prophets!

I attended evening mass and the Lord highlighted an old lady in a wheelchair to pray for, so I walked up to her then saw a church friend sitting bedside her. Turns out it was her mother, I asked the friend for mum’s name and prayed over her. As I walked back to my seat next to my wife who was the lector on duty, I saw a mutual friend standing outside the church hall, a Eucharistic minister preparing to serve. My wife had mentioned a week back that he was in a lot of pain and was going for an operation very soon. I went over to him, joked a little wth him before I prayed for his pain to subside. For Jesus to heal him and if not right away, then to please Bless the surgeon preforming the operation, so that all will be well. I then quickly made my way back to my seat as mass was starting soon.

After communion I noticed he was walking back to his seat in an odd manner. Most likely he was still very much in pain. I decided to lean into praying for the pain away. The Lord showed me a vision of a leather wine skin. I asked the Lord what it meant for him? All I got was ‘new wine skin.’

So after mass I went up and told him I sensed that he still in great pain, so prayed for the pain to go away. Then I shared the vision and what I got from the Lord about it. I asked if it made any sense to him as I was clueless. He shared that it made perfect sense to him. What?? He shared that his doctor had told him that was going to get a graft to replace the ruptured skin, a result caused by the hernia so in essence new skin! Praise the Lord!

On Prophesying

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03 Dec 2022

I’m still reeling with excitement over today’s activations, speed-prophesying for one another. I saw first hand how easily one might fall into a performance based mentality instead of trusting fully in our relationship with our loving merciful Father who desires progress not perfection.

The whole learning process was encouraging, affirming and edyfying! While I’m quite sure it would have been daunting for anyone to have two priests to prophesy over I felt it was a real privilege an honour. First Fr Ken Barker founder of Missionaries of God’s Love and later Fr Chris Eaton both affirmed that what I had shared resonated with them. I also had the opportunity to prophesy over two ladies, one said it fully resonated with her while the other from the same order MGL said she needed more time to discern what was shared.

I was edified by all the prophesies for me. But two really stood out, one about God our Father wanting to have fun with me, like Father and son playing cards. The other was about ministering out of God our Father’s abundance. When I think that’s it there is always more. After she said it I felt an outpouring of grace. More Lord… More. Amen

Step up and pray..

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It is on my heart to encourage more of you my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ; to step up boldly to pray over others especially those the Lord shows you or directs you to. He will show you familiar folk in the beginning before leading you to more which will put you outside of your comfort zone. Which is perfectly fine because He will be with you.

I have been doing so more and more when I have an opportunity. And it dawned on me just how many are happy to have someone pray over them. To see the Lord touch them!

It was my privilege to pray for a former EMHC who is now wheel chair bound over at another parish on Sunday, and at the end of mass on I searched out and prayed for his devout wife as well.  The look of joy on her face was priceless. Thank you Jesus!

Renewed Mind

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On the way to Sunday Eucharist I was contemplating on how to move forwards with a renewed mind and ministering as a temple of the Holy Spirit. I met with a fellow brother Christ just outside the entrance and sharing the joys and wonders of my current journey. And at the same time my fears. Which on hindsight I should have none if my mind is renewed in the Lord!

As I walked in I met with his wife who stood with a sister in Christ, welcoming me. The wife shared that our sister was leaving Singapore for good, first back to Philippines then to Japan. She was going to leave in December. I asked if she had any prayer request? I was surprised to hear her share that she had an ovarian cyst issue. I paused a little stunned then realised my call to step up in faith and love! I offered to pray for her on the spot, held her shoulders and commanded for the cyst to shrink and disappear in Jesus’s name and for complete healing to take place. I then paused and shared a vision I had for her. I felt the awesome presence of our Lord. After praying I went to take my seat. Then remembered that I should ask her to keep me updated on her situation so I can give thanks and glory to God.

When I sat down I took out my Bible and was looking for Romans 12:12 about living with renewed minds but was led instead to Romans 12:12-13
12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer. 13 Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.

I believe the Lord was affirming my act in faith! Praise the Lord!


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Sharing with permission… A Sharing by sister in Christ Cherry


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Sharing by a sister in Christ..

My testimony:
We usually begin the new year by attending the Eucharist first thing in the morning but because both O and I are under the weather, we went for evening mass instead.

Today is also O’s Chinese birthday so we had a family lunch to celebrate. Hoping that she will be well enough to start her P1 tom. 🙏🏻

The evening mass today was so beautiful that I felt moved from the start till the end. Tears kept rolling down. As I usually ask my client, “what would the tears say to you if they could speak?”

My tears told me that I am well-loved by God. As I strive to grow deeper in my relationship with Mother Mary (today being the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God), I experienced her tangible motherly love towards me. I was overwhelmed and filled with immense gratitude.

It is such a great assurance that not only do I have the Holy Trinity by my side, I have my heavenly Mother and the communion of saints praying with me and for me. No words but tears in response to this deep love. Totus Tuus.

When I went for the evening Eucharist, I felt like those labourers who were hired at the eleventh hour. And instead of being last to be paid, I was given my “wage” first! Such is the generosity of God.


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Sharing by Bro Augustine

I was quite annoyed yesterday (in the afternoon of 31 Dec) by the amber lights on my car dashboard which prompted that the car *was not ready to drive* and required an immediate attention for service. All the amber lights and signs that I have never seen before on my car’s dashboard, they lighted at the wrong time… all workshops were shutting down for new year break.

The amber lights came out so unexpectedly despite I had the car serviced regularly and timely. It was very disappointing given the car was not very old.

And by the time we had to go to church for thanksgiving mass (9:45pm 31 Dec), the amber lights have not disappeared. We kept praying.

We have been praying for it and after the thanksgiving mass, during the adoration / benediction, there was one slide which said “What you want Jesus to do for you (in the new year)?” What came to my mind instantly was the amber lights to go away, so we lifted it up among other prayers that we offered to the Lord.

At the time to go home (after midnight), I prayed and started the engine at the church carpark… I noted one of the many amber lights had gone away. I prayed and said Lord Jesus would make all amber lights to go away tomorrow morning when we come for morning New Year Mass.

This morning I prayed and started the engine… all back to normal, the dashboard said *“Ready to Drive”*. Thank you Lord for giving us an opportunity to witness the work of Your hand and answered to our prayers so instantly at the very first moment of New Year 2020. 🙏🏼


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Brought a tear to my eye, the bit about Jeremiah their son crawling to dad…


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Sharing by a brother in Christ Augustine Ng *“… ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you…”*

Last evening as I was preparing /selecting the hymns for this morning mass, I came to this song. Knock knock (page 343)

It is very much inline with the gospel reading today. But I didn’t know the tune, tried to search on the internet but couldn’t find the hymn/tune either. I prayed to God to lead me to another hymn at His Will, a hymn that is inline with the gospel reading that I know the tune so that I can lead the hymn during morning mass.

By the guidance of Holy Spirit, With only one flip, I came to the following hymn “Glory to God on High” page 69. Take a look at verse 3… I was speechless, I could only only admire, adore and give thanks to His Almighty. Even I knew this hymn, I never expect verse 3 (we seldom sing) of this hymn is similar to the first hymn I chose which is very much inline with the gospel reading. These two hymns are almost 300 pages apart with similar lyric – “… Seek and you shall find..” When I came to this, I felt the the Holy Spirit ran through my body. As I share this, the focus is not on me, it is on the work of Holy Spirit.

Verse 3:
Seek and you will find
Ask and He will give
Trust the Lord with all our might
And then we’ll always live

May we learn to see God in everything we do. If we fail to see God in small things we do, we probably would fail to see Him in bigger things.

Scripture reading from the Lauds. Indeed each of us (you and me included) has received a special grace. We must use this grace with heart for God. We must be good stewards responsible for all these difference graces of God so that we can grow and get closer to Him, in everything we do we give glory to God through Jesus Christ.


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Sharing from a brother in Christ Ivan (focolare) …

Good morning , wish to share my experience with you.
Yesterday I accompanied a Chinese worker to the National Eye Centre for check up. His right eye was blinded in an assault by his colleagues and left eye has blur vision with hearing deterioration and memory loss. His outstanding medical is over 10K as his employer refused to pay the hospital bill. Before going, we were prepared to be chased for bill settlement and even to be rejected for treatment if we couldn’t pay. Another barrier is the language as doctors may not speak Mandarin. That’s why I was asked to go with him. We prayed before we arriving at the Hospital as the worker was just recently baptised. Amazingly, we were not asked about any payment before and after the treatment and the Indian lady ophthalmologist even spoke Mandarin!.. She was very compassionate and asked the worker about his future plans. We spent 5 hours in the Eye Centre but the long wait was all worthwhile. I gained unexpected knowledge on Ophthalmology and most importantly, I could spend precious time with the worker.

Thank God for giving me a chance to love Him in our brother.✝

Conversion Story

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If you’ve watched the video above and loved it then you’ll be blown away by Father Don’s own conversion story. One of the most powerful testimonies ever of God’s love and mercy.

Sharing by a Sister in Christ

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Eileen from our CG LOL Small Christian Community

Bear with me, my lol brothers and sisters. I’d like to share my christ encounter with you.

Svdp had corporal works of mercy today. I didn’t sign up for old folks home but was posted there. I knew God had a reason for putting me in the aged home instead of children’s home.

We had colouring activity. This old catholic man refused to colour any of the pictures (flowers, gumball, ice cream) because he did not like any of them. He insisted on a lighthouse picture but we did not have. He was adamant about a lighthouse picture with boats. I didn’t think I could draw well so asked a 21 year old girl to draw. She couldn’t draw too and i ended up copying the pic from Google.
I drew a lighthouse and boats that he wanted. I didn’t think I did a good job with the drawing and colouring. The old man told me he fell in a lighthouse before.
I also wrote a bible verse at the bottom of the picture.
“Oli, you are the light of the world.” (Matt5:14)
And around the lighthouse, I wrote “Jesus is the eternal light.”
He looked at my picture n the words and repeated the verse. I think he was moved because he took off his specs twice and rubbed his teary eyes. I was moved too. The lighthouse meant a lot to him and to me. There were many people who were lighthouse to me, in my moments of darkness. Others brought light and christ to me, now it was my turn to bring light n christ to him.
The old man took my lighthouse pic (he was so delighted!), went to his bedside and wedged the picture in his bible. 😭

LISS Testimony

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( My LISS grouping of 2018 which I facilitated)

Life in the Spirit Seminar (LISS) Testimony

“I am with you always, until the end of time”
Matthew 28:20

I recalled last October 2018 when I was going through a very difficult period in my life on my professional and personal front, Sharon from Emmanuel Charismatic encouraged me to sign up for the Life in the Spirit Seminar. Honestly-speaking, I was rather doubtful and skeptical whether it would make any difference. However, I was feeling so down and hopeless that I was willing to try anything if my life could be on track again.

During the 8-week journey, I did not see any dramatic changes, but I soldiered on trusting that God would show me the way eventually. The changes came very gradually but surely, I started noticing that my response to difficulties started to change. In the past, I would face each issue with gloom and doom but after the LISS, I could calmly surrender my problems to Jesus with relatively more ease. Peace would descend upon me each time I let go and let God take over. What was interesting was that my personal situation remained grim, in fact, there was a period after the LISS, my situation worsened but I continued to call out to the Holy Spirit to guide me. Step by step, my life slowly transformed, and things started to be on track again.

Fast forward to today, problems remains in my life, however, my walk with Jesus has changed dramatically. Whenever I pray, I can see clearer what to ask, what God’s plan is for me, all within the framework of a submissive heart, free from worldly objectives. There is now a place in my heart where God’s love is untouched and unaffected by the events of this earth. I have become increasingly sensitive to wrong – both in all that surrounds me and in myself. I will feel deeply that “wrong” where once I merely “observed” it.

So, my dear Sisters and Brothers, I urge you to take that first step to come and join the LISS,

● Come because God is calling you – It is not coincidental that you are reading this;

● Come even you are unsure whether you can commit to the 8-week journey – Do your part, God will do the rest;

● Come even though you are afraid, and no one is accompanying you – God will find companions to walk with you during this journey;

May God bless you all the days of your life!

With Love
Catherine Lim

Sharing of a dear brother in Christ…❤️

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I was baptised on Mar 31 at Easter Vigil in 2018. My name is Meng and I’m now Jude-Maria too.

RCIA was an express train for me …

I had sought acceptance to the Catholic Church with a RCIA waiver.

My main justifications for this request ?

I had attended the Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches in Singapore previously and was nearly baptised in the Russian Church if not for work which took me to be based in Vietnam. My wife belongs to the Russian Orthodox denomination.

From 2016 to 2017, I had also started attending Holy Hours, Fatima processions, masses.

Even before I understood the Blessed Sacrament of the Most Holy Sacred Host, I must have holed up in adoration rooms in at least quite a few Catholic Churches countless times since 2010.

My (eventual) god-mother then arranged for me to meet some priests to justify my case of getting the RCIA waiver in October 2017.

I met Fr Michael ARRO first and he rightly insisted on the need for a “basic education” and introduction so that I can better understand the church, and especially since i was not illiterate.

I then met Fr Edward LIM the following week from meeting Fr Arro, and strangely in a session that didn’t take too long, I ended up asking Fr Ed if he was willing to admit me into his RCIA program even though it was nearly at half-way point …

RCIA : was my first taste of COMMUNITY
Of course, now in retrospect I can see how we Inquirers or Catechumens were bubbled wrapped and babied by brothers and sisters in the RCIA ministry and oftentimes also the active members of other ministries of Sts Peter & Paul (SPP). My catchup coach for RCIA was himself by then pursuing his Neocatechumenal Way with his wife. What rich diversity even at the beginning. And the workers for God’s work at RCIA speak volumes about how important such ministries and communities are.

After baptism, we were encouraged to join ministries. I am aware and still know these are wise and practical suggestions. To quote St Josemaria Escriva, “Conversion is the task of a moment; sanctification is the work of a lifetime.”

But journeying without companions must be the “Road to Emmaus when Jesus did not show up” (an episode that doesn’t exist) – for a neophyte, a returning Catholic, a born-again Catholic, a Catholic who graduated from CER, etc …

Some circumstances took me out of the post-baptism RCIA sessions at SPP and also ministering options which will work for me seem few …

God know better – I had been attending Catholic Prayer Society lunchtime masses since 2018 before baptism – the reflection session in the announcement after mass on 2018 May 2 finally activated me and called me to action. I contacted brother Julian whose face and name I recognised – he was an ex-colleague whom I didn’t know personally then and he invited me ‘to come and see’.

What happens at these Ephraim reflection sessions ?
It is primarily a get-together of people who work in the Changi Business Park area. Catholics, Christians, or folks open-minded to a session of up to 60-minute, where we read then reflected on sacred scripture and shared our thoughts (therefore reflections). ‘Where two or three gather in my name, I will be there among them.’

Usually we reflected on scriptures for the upcoming Sunday during Ordinary Time. At Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, we do use the materials provided by the Office of New Evangelism (ONE).

I attended my first reflection, then a second and a third and it went on throughout 2018 to the first 4 months of 2019. Those who attended who were just another Catholic to me initially, became members of a community who were supportive, humble, sincere – we all came together to share, our love of God, and sometimes our personal struggles, at work or at home or at church – the spirit of the community is communicated outside of our meetings in our WhatsApp group where we shared, requests for prayers, materials useful for formation and activities and events of the greater Catholic community in Singapore …

I soon attended my first reflection session for SCC (Small Christian Community) for Lecterns, Choir, etc led by Fr Terence PEREIRA. I began to sing at choir for CPS Changi and the “greeter party” to welcome our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Ephraim became a place of solace, a joyful 60-minute, away from the hectic demands at work or home – a piece of heaven here in my earthly pilgrimage – to meet members of the body of Christ – my first community of fellow-sinners and prayfully fellow-Saints-to-be.

With the experience of Ephraim – our community, this must have been one of the activation-moment for me, I proceeded to have less reservations with regards to Catholic programs – I will respond to calls to come and see, solicited or those I chance on…

Also, to be engaged with other “communities” in addition to Ephraim – journeying with brothers and sisters in our continued Catechism and formation. I was even able to volunteer to carry Our Lady of Carmel in the annual procession of 2018, attended my first silent retreat with Opus Dei, etc.

There are some personal constraints on what I can offer to God in ministries consistently at parish churches at the moment, I continue to pray and I thank God for the communities He was able to arrange bespoked for me.

For the love of God, we pray for you who are unable to participate in communities outside of your own household, social and work networks. We invite you to ‘come and see’, as a community that continues to grow by help from the Holy Spirit, the Word and examples Jesus left us in the Gospels, and God the loving Father who longs for the prodigal child’s return.

Come and see, or pray to God for you to find a community suitable for you today.

Struggling In faith

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In the waters of uncertainty, this mum chooses to have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ even though at times it is very difficult…

Eugene is an 18 year old teen who had leukemia when he was 14 but now there is a relapse.

This is an update from mum Marilyn..

God’s peace be with us all. I know you have been praying n we are really grateful! Eugene ‘s fever has been persistent and all the test results are negative. It means there is still the opportunistic germs there. With the persistent fever it also goes to show that the antibiotics still have not hit it right. We need the fever to come down. Eugene’s more breathless today n very stress by the many things that went on- his port a cath is not working properly n trying to trouble shot. We need it to work well cos the antibiotics need to go through there. His hand plug is showing signs of over used n today has to set a new one which has been very challenging n painful . With the puffiness on his hands they can not find the vain until they used the ultra sound. Eugene has been in bed for a long period n there is concern with pressure sores as well. Today we were so stressed that I have failed to stand firm n still. I prayed I cried out but not seems to be able to see God’s hand at work. I know I need to be patient but is time on our side? I was distressed n God sent angels to minister to me. Met someone whose baby daughter also has cancer n 7 times scheduled operation failed so mum decided to discharge her n Dr told her if takes baby home, her baby will come back to hospital within days but it has been 2 mths and not back to hospital. She is also a sis in Christ. She said “believe in miracles. God make the blind see, the lame walk! We pray we fight“ Nothing is impossible to God! I surrender n continue to trust in the Lord. Eugene n Declan condition will be like Jesus turn water to wind. By His Word, Eugene n Declan will turn to become the best wine! Alleluia!

A Sharing By A Sister in Christ

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A wonderful sharing by a sister in Christ – Phyliss Lim

Peace be with you dear. I’d like to share the following with you for I know you have a cell group and hopefully it might help anyone going through what I have gone through…

Sunday I heard one of the best homily…reflected on it and realised that in this world that we are living, other than God, the only thing that is permanent is CHANGES. Many times I have been mocked with cutting words call yourself a Christian? (When I don’t seem to do or say things that pleases them) I wanted to scream out loud that Christianity is a religion for sinners trying to be saints, and yes, I am a Christian and I am trying.

I find myself praying and praying for the same request and felt like God wasn’t going to answer me. Then I realise that every time I pray, I want my request to be answered the way I want…and when this doesn’t happen, many negative thoughts comes to my mind. Like God must have really turned a deaf ears to my prayers or like I am not favoured by Him etc etc

Then I come to reflect on the Lord’s Prayer, sentence by sentence and felt like kicking myself. Seems like all these while I have been saying that prayer without truly meaning it…how dare I say “Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”
Overwhelmed with guilt, I told myself from now on, unless praying for others, I will be detailed in asking. But when it is for myself…I will just pray….
My Lord, my God, I abandon myself to You…Lord Jesus, You take over.

I don’t deny that at the back of my mind, the devil is busy replaying all the scenes of my miserable life…how much I am being despised, being persecuted, tormented with pain and sufferings…
It was like I had to stop meditating to rebuke the devil…but yet allow the memories of my late husband to continue playing in my thoughts. Maybe one day I will conquer that grief but, God forgive me, I am just afraid that if I let go of his memories, I will forget his voice, his smile, his smell, his touch and all that I once had of him.

I have been doing a lot of reflection…and I asked and answered my own questions.

We have a God who was born in a stable.
We have a God who was led away..he was crowned with thorns, dressed in filthy red cloak and treated like a mad man.
Before our eyes, we have a God covered with wounds, dying in unimaginable pain.
How can we dare to complain when we have a God who was being put to death by executioners.
We have a lovable redeemer..he also was tempted by the demon.

While asking these questions. I recalled the words of St John Vianney…that is the answers I roughly remember.

Thus, the weapons in the spiritual struggles I find myself encountering are praying, fasting and to be watchful.
Victory is ours in Jesus Christ.

A little testimony on the importance of being part of a Christian community….

CG = Catholic Group

Bro Julian, I was reflecting on Nick and my journey together. And I could not help but be amazed by God’s hand thru our LOL CG. Thru CG, we came to know one another and there was support plus comaradie as we encountered one another to attend spiritual formations together. I can’t believe how Nick has grown from totally out of church and out of Christian values to being open to attending spiritual formations with me. I acknowledge this would not have been possible without God’s intervention thru LOL CG and her members. The little invitations in the group chat helped us become aware of the spiritual formations going on. And we draw one another to attend. God amazes me!

What is the Purpose of my life?

Posted: February 24, 2019 by CatholicJules in Testimonies

Shared by my dear sister in Christ – Ma Cheriza Bondoc

*What is my purpose in life?*

This is the question that was on my mind when I was growing up and at the same time thinking on where will my path lead me so that my chosen career will be successful.

In the year 2011, I was given an opportunity to work in Singapore as a Preschool Teacher and being a migrant worker for almost 8 years now, it encompasses a lot of hard work and sacrifices being away from my family and at the same time it makes me endeavour my goal and to apply what I have learnt from my good school but most specially to teach and mould the future leaders of this beautiful world.

Each time I look back through all these years, I am in awe realizing how much God has blessed me throughout my 30 years of existence. Every blessing that we received from Him should always be shared to our needy brothers and sisters. He gave us in abundance of wonderful blessings so that we will be able to touch other peoples’ lives and by doing that, they can feel God’s love through us.

I have made my life-long pledge to share the love that He gave me with all the people around. Every year for my birthday, I will always plan to do something meaningful and make sure that I will be able to spend time to the children with cancer in the Philippines and the homeless people in the city area. I do organize a celebration with magic show for kids and feeding programme with them. I am helping the Singapore Catholic Foundation, Caritas Singapore and Singapore Cancer Society with my monthly donation to give back and reach out to the needy as well.

Happiness cannot be found in how much money you have in the bank or how many luxury things you have collected and we do not need to be in a position to be called successful neither there will be no signs of what you will become in this life that God has lend us; we just have to take a look deep within ourselves and we will discover how blessed we are and how great is our God for giving us always what we need.

In this life, what will matter the most is when we made a difference, when we are able touch the lives of the people around us and we have managed well the use of the blessings that we received for the benefit of others. And through all these ways, our life will be more meaningful and truly be successful and by the time when God called us, we can proudly say that we have done our part and the life that we live for others is always worth living.

May God bless us all and may His name be truly praised in everything that we do! ❤