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He Has Shown you..

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You attend a retreat and the Lord speaks to you, you take notes then after the retreat you shelve your notebook all is lost!

You share keypoints and takeaways with your members, will they understand what has to be done, will they be moved? The nuances and graces received from the retreat are all lost on them!

You attend and are moved to do more, pray more, be more but afterwards go back to your old comforts and ways of doing what you have been doing. All is lost!

You attempt to put into practice what you have learnt and at the first sign of resistance you wave the white flag. All is lost!

Having attended a spirit filled retreat perhaps one should modify an old motto, ‘No retreat, No surrender! I will move forwards with and in the Lord and will only surrender all to Him’ Amen

Can you imagine the Lord teaching you how to face very challenging situations that you will be facing ahead through His Shepherd and His Word then minutes later He tests to see if you had learnt it and know how to apply it?

This just happened to me on the 2nd day of the combined ministry retreat! Put the helmet of salvation on. Eph 6:17 know that you are redeemed. No one can say anything about you or demeaning to you because you know who you are before the Lord. And again 1 Peter 5:8-9 remain alert or rather sober. Do not allow yourself to be drunk with anger, irritation, despair etc.

Then guess what, Phil 2:14 began behind me and targeted at me! Well I quickly put on the helmet of salvation and refused to allow anger to consume me, slowly but surely I managed to let it go. Praise the Lord!

On belonging to a faith community.

Time and again you will hear it from the pulpit, formation talk, even in Scripture on the importance of belonging to a faith community. Yet most everyone turns deaf to this call. Some of these folks are more inclined to join a funfair, food and drink fellowship at most. Why?

Well they have varied reasons both spoken as well as unspoken. Here are some…

1. Too busy with work
2. Eats into family time
3. TV series, sports channel, movies to catch up on.
4. Too Holy moly for me
5. Uncomfortable with crowds.
6. Unfamiliar, I take longer to warm up to strangers.
7. Don’t like certain people in the group.
8. Don’t know enough about my faith to share.
9. No one invited me.
10. Some of the faith groups are exclusive
11. Value my privacy
12. More important things to do.
13. Prefer to go for Adoration
14. Time for the Lord is reserved only for one hour on Sundays the rest is me time!

All I can say to all the above is this, “You truly do not know what you’re missing.“ First and foremost the reality of our Lord’s Jesus’s amazing and unique presence in His community gathered before Him. So much so that if I had to choose between personal adoration or sharing in His presence at a prayer meeting at a specific given time, I’d choose the latter always.

Our Lord calls us all to come together with all our imperfections, in all our brokenness, of feelings of inadequacies and He will grant us the grace we need and fill all the voids in our lives. We are given an opportunity to grow and inspire one another to grow in faith; in His love. One Family, One Body In Him. With the blessings and anointings received we can better love the families we were born into as well as those yet to join us.

Here are some inspiring words from St Ignatius of Antioch…

Work together in harmony, struggle together, run together, suffer together, rest together, rise together, as stewards, advisors and servants of God. Seek to please him whose soldiers you are and from whom you draw your pay; let none of you prove a deserter. Let your baptism be your armor, your faith your helmet, your charity your spear, your patience your panoply. Let your good works be your deposits, so that you may draw out well-earned savings. So be patient and gentle with one another, as God is with you. May I have joy in you for ever!

May almighty God our Father bless us now and forever. Amen

Opus Dei Men’s Day of Recollection

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Just finished attending my first ever men’s day of recollection (held in the evening once a month) and I’m loving it! Loved that there is reconciliation throughout and the whole session ends with Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

It was intellectually heavy in parts but hey that’s the way to grow!

So all in all I highly recommend attending the sessions. Praise the Lord!

*Apparently there’s a women only session held separately.


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Looking back now I am in awe of how the Lord had transformed my life to the point that I am now helping, or at least, I think I am helping folks grow in their faith through my postings.

It all started when I realised that my vocabulary was turning to marsh for lack of practice, as my job at that time did not require me to write lengthy reports etc. So in Jan 2007 I took to journaling by way of the new technology available on the Internet through journaling in the blogsphere. At that time I could not decide between blogspot or wordpress and for a spell decided to blog on both. It then became obvious that wordpress was more serious in development so I switched permanently. was given life to such a degree that I affectionately themed it of one ‘Living life with A Passion` I started blogging about everything and anything under the sun. But mostly what was of interest to me including bits of my own life and adventure. Somehow or rather I managed to get about 700,000++ visitors I referred to as ‘dew drops’ over the years.

That all changed when I encountered the Lord through the Life in the Spirit Seminar. I began to have an ever growing desire to talk about my experiences, share Him with others and in my own own little way contribute to evangelising others; so that they too could experience Him in a deep personal way as I had. Afterall I had some experience in blogging and so I decided to leave the worldliness of living life with a passion behind and start living life to the full in Him.

Still I had to start from scratch! How and where would I get anyone to start following me? Who would even be interested to hear what I had to say about faith matters? I had to start somewhere so I invited family and friends and got zero response. Afterall those who knew me in my past probably thought to themselves, it’s he for real? Has he changed? Really? For how long? (*chuckles*) but that did not deter me for I was on fire for my Lord and trusted that He would lead folks as and when He saw fit to do so. Very slowly but surely the numbers grew.

It then dawned on me that I had to be fully committed to sharing the faith, afterall I now had a following. What this meant for me, is that I could not take a break or a holiday. Rain, shine, sick, well, having fallen into sin or not I had to continue. I made a decision that I would only rest on Sunday, which is why I post the Sunday reflections of Dr Scott Hahn. Even when I went for a retreat where there was no WiFi or usage of any mobile phone, laptop or tablet allowed; I would then do my reflections ahead and schedule them to post automatically. Well even though I thought it unlikely then that I would be able to sustain or rather keep to this commitment; the Lord has granted me the grace and strength to do so.

Anyhow to shorten an otherwise longer story I now have a following of about 12000++ on my catholicjules Facebook page and about 300,000 visitors on on WordPress. All for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ! Prayerfully this will grow so that more are touched or inspired by the Lord through the sharings and reflections of His Word. Amen

Our Salvation history has a beginning and an end. And it is only through the entire journey that we see, feel, touch, know the great love and presence of the Lord our God.

We cannot start with the story of God’s people and their slavery in Egypt then fast forward to Joshua leading them into the promised land forgetting the Lord God’s mighty hand through His servant Moses. Neither can we start at Genesis then jump to Revelation.

Therefore it is a sacrilege to teach others to skip the old testament completely and just read and know the new testament.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Says the Lord… Rev 22:13