4th Feb 2023 Praticuum- Prophesy

Posted: February 5, 2023 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Memory Book, Testimonies

Wow! The Lord was truly present.

Group 3 first guest/s to come in was an elderly couple who happened to be the parents of a lady in our group and her husband too was also in our group. For the elderly lady I sensed the Lord saying to her that He knows how much she loves Him. And in her desire to have a deeper encounter with Him all she needed to do was to lift up her hands and He will lift her up in a loving embrace. For the uncle I saw the word struggling. Told him that I didn’t know what he was struggling with, only that it was nothing physical more a mental struggle. However as uncle was taciturn, he remained silent. Later when he left, his daughter shared that her sister was going through something and he was struggling with it. Praise the Lord.

The second lady who came in was in her 60s, requested we pray for her health issues and wanted to know what the Lord thought about what she was doing for Him. When it was my turn I shared that the Lord was pleased with her. She had a mother’s heart for people and wanted her minister to others out of that mother’s love and heart. As for her health issue, as she did not share what it was I had the sense from the Lord that it was her legs. I asked her for confirmation and she teared as she shared that she had just recently come home from the hospital and of which her legs were healing up. I leaned it to pray for her healing.

The last lady to come in, I prophesied that the joy of the Lord was upon her. The Lord knows she is a rather joyful soul and she brings joy to others. That being said she hides her own problems behind her smile. The Lord knows it and will be with her throughout.

Group prophesy is a amazing because we each uniquely carry our Father’s heart for the person He sends our way to minister. Collectively we bring about the fullness of God His love He has for them. Amen

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