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Book Recommendation

Posted: September 18, 2011 by CatholicJules in Book Review

finished The Crucified Rabbi by Taylor Marshall> love this book!

Includes a list of over three hundred Hebrew prophecies fulfilled by Christ and the Church.Is Catholicism inherently Anti-Semitic?How does Jewish thinking presuppose devotion to Mary?Is the Catholic Church a fulfillment of historic Israel?How did the Israelite identity of the twelve Apostles influence the early Church?How do Jewish water rituals relate to Catholic baptism?Is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass a Passover meal?Should the Catholic priesthood conform to the priesthood established by Moses?How has the Jewish Temple influenced traditional Christian architecture?Does the Pope wear a yarmulke?These and other questions are answered in this book.

Book Review : A Life Of Our Lord For Children

Posted: April 2, 2011 by CatholicJules in Book Review

Product Description

Marigold Hunt begins with Adam and Eve and goes quickly through the Old Testament to Jesus, whom she presents simply but not trivially, so children encounter Him in His goodness, His suffering, and His majesty.Hunt speaks in words and phrases that young children understand and explains terms they may not know. She includes devotions from the Bible (such as the Magnificat, the Beatitudes, and the Canticle of Zachary) along with many of Christ’s parables (which she explains).

A Life of Our Lord for Children will make sense of Scripture for your children and help them be more attentive during Mass when they hear the same tales directly from the Gospels.

About the Author

Marigold Hunt was a speaker for the Catholic Evidence Guild and served for many years as advertising manager of Sheed and Ward publishing company. In addition to this book, she wrote St. Patrick’s Summer, A Book of Angels, and The First Christians: The Acts of the Apostles for Children.
  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: Sophia Institute Press (December 1, 2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1928832644
  • ISBN-13: 978-1928832645
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches

Dear Children:

“The Gospels are four very short books that tell you about our Lord’s life. You can read them quite fast. The reason the same story takes so much longer to tell in this book is that the men who wrote the Gospels just went straight on and hardly even stopped to explain anything. They couldn’t be expected to know how we would live, and that we would have forgotten how people dressed and spoke and built houses, and the other customs they had in those days. So in this book, I have to stop and explain all the time, but after you’ve read it, the explaining will have been done, and you can start reading the Gospels yourself any time you want.”

So says the author of this rich retelling of the life of Christ, a tale that possesses the interest, lucidity, and dignity that marks the best of books for children.

Marigold Hunt begins with Adam and Eve and goes quickly through the Old Testament to Jesus, whom she presents simply but not trivially, so children encounter Him in His goodness, His suffering, and His majesty.

Hunt speaks in words and phrases that young children understand and explains terms they may not know. She includes devotions from the Bible (such as the Magnificat, the Beatitudes, and the Canticle of Zachary) along with many of Christ’s parables (which she explains).

A Life of Our Lord for Children will make sense of Scripture for your children and help them be more attentive during Mass when they hear the same tales directly from the Gospels.

Personal Review’

I highly recommend this book for children! *psst shhhh see hidden text by highlighting between the arrows* -> Adults can learn lots from this book, bet she wrote this for us too i.e. children at heart <-

Marigold writing style is straight forward clear and concise and my children are always eager for me to read it to them.  In fact I got both my sons to read out loud passages from time to time.  What I like most about this book apart from the easy to grasp explanations, is that she even takes the time to explain the period, the way the people lived, dressed and their customs.  This makes the Gospels come to life for both children and parents.

  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Ignatius Press; 1St Edition edition (November 24, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1586176064
  • ISBN-13: 978-1586176068
  • Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 5.4 x 1.1 inches
  • Product Description

    Foreword by George Weigel

    Never has a Pope, in a book-length interview, dealt so directly with such wide-ranging and controversial issues as Pope Benedict XVI does in Light of the World. Taken from a recent week-long series of interviews with veteran journalist Peter Seewald, this book tackles head-on some of the greatest issues facing the world of our time. Seewald poses such forthright questions to Pope Benedict as:

    What caused the clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church?
    Was there a “cover up”?
    Have you considered resigning?
    Does affirming the goodness of the human body mean a plea for “better sex”?
    Can there be a genuine dialogue with Islam?
    Should the Church rethink Catholic teaching on priestly celibacy, women priests, contraception, and same-sex relationships?
    Holy Communion for divorced-and-remarried Catholics?
    Is there a schism in the Catholic Church?
    Should there be a Third Vatican Council?
    Is there any hope for Christian unity?
    Is Christianity the only truth?
    Can the Pope really speak for Jesus Christ?
    How can the Pope claim to be “infallible”?
    Is there a “dictatorship of relativism” today?

    Twice before these two men held wide-ranging discussions, which became the best-selling books Salt of the Earth and God and the World. Then, Seewald’s discussion partner was Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Vatican’s chief doctrinal office. Now, Joseph Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI, the spiritual leader of the world’s over one billion Catholics. Though Seewald now interviews the Pope himself, the journalist “pulls no punches”, posing some of the thorniest questions any Pope has had to address. Believers and unbelievers will be fascinated to hear Benedict’s thoughtful, straightforward and thought-provoking replies. This is no stern preachment or ponderous theological tract, but a lively, fast-paced, challenging, even entertaining exchange.

    Personal Book Review

    Brilliant! Calling all Catholics….here is y0ur chance to own a piece of history! Never before has such a lengthly interview been conducted with any of our Popes and on such a wide range of topics!

    His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is truly an amazing, humble servant of God.  Gifted with a brilliant mind that is so far reaching in depth that some might have difficulty resurfacing when engaged in his line of thought.  His answers to most of the thought provoking questions on our Catholic faith as well as those on humanity are perennial while others will last decades to come.

    We are truly blessed to have him as our Holy Father immediately after the Great Pope John Paul II.

    7 Secrets of the Eucharist

    Posted: January 9, 2011 by CatholicJules in Book Review

    Book Description

    Pope John Paul II referred to the Holy Eucharist as the greatest treasure of the Church, and yet even many devoted Catholics have a very limited understanding of this powerful sacrament. This book will change all that. The reader will come away with a completely new awareness that the Eucharist is not just about receiving Communion; it’s about transforming your daily life.Deeply based on the Scriptures, the writings of the Saints, and the teachings of our two most recent Popes, this profound and remarkably readable book will introduce you to some of the hidden truths of the Eucharist truths that have always been embraced by theologians, saints, and mystics, but have rarely been passed on to the average person in a meaningful way. In 7 Secrets of the Eucharist, these truths are finally made accessible to all, as author Vinny Flynn shows how each reception of Holy Communion can be a life-changing experience.No matter how much or how little you already know about the Eucharist, the secrets revealed here will bring you to a new, personal Emmaus experience, again and again. Perfect for personal devotion, catechesis, study groups, book clubs, and theological studies, 7 Secrets of the Eucharist will rekindle the Eucharistic amazement called for by Pope John Paul II.

    Book Details
  • Paperback: 130 pages
  • Publisher: MercySong / Ignatius Press (December 18, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1884479316
  • ISBN-13: 978-1884479311
  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 4.7 x 0.7 inches
  • Personal Book Review

    This is a book I recommend that every catholic should own.  After reading this very quick and easy to read book I find myself not only more truly committed and in union with Christ after receiving the Eucharist.  But I have experienced an overpowering grace of love and joy!

    Book Review: An Invitation To Faith

    Posted: November 17, 2010 by CatholicJules in Book Review

    Author: Pope Benedict XVI
    Length: 110 pages
    Edition: Hardcover

    As soon as he was elected to the Papacy, Benedict XVI immediately challenged the relativism of our times that rejects God, that sees nothing as definitive, and that, according to the Pope, sets as the ultimate yardstick the individual’s own ego and desires alone. The Pope offers instead an opposing standard: Christ, the Son of God, the true man. The Pope’s words are rousing and demand an examination of conscience. His words are meant for all.

    With strong words, Benedict XVI invites us to place God at the center of our lives. Thus, this book is a selection of key words from the teachings of the Holy Father since he began his Pontificate, presented in alphabetical order. Each key word leads to an inspiring and insightful meditation from the Pope on various important spiritual themes and topics. Benedict XVI invites us in these words to become daily actors in the real revolution that comes from God and is called Love.

    This volume is a handy little primer on the thought of the beloved Pontiff in which the reader can pick out any key word or topic from the alphabetical order of meditations throughout the book to meditate and focus on.

    Review :

    I love this book! his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI shares with us his powerful thoughts and insights to our faith in a relatively easy to understand and concise way.  I have personally reflected deeply on some of his teachings and it has opened new windows for me.

    So YES I highly recommend this book! It’s only a hundred and ten pages and so for those who have a slight concentration problem as you’ve aged, 😉  know that you’ll only need to read a passage or two a day. The rest of the day can be used for meditation or reflection on those passages.


    For a Biography of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI Click HERE

    Book Review: The Catholic Warrior By Robert Abel

    Posted: October 19, 2010 by CatholicJules in Book Review

    “A brilliant treatise on spiritual warfare that boldly confronts the ferocity of the enemy and his evil minions.” — Father John Hampsch C.M.F.

    Product Description

    Like a recruitment officer for the army of God, author Robert Abel issues a bold call to Catholics everywhere. The Catholic Warrior takes readers through spiritual boot camp and teaches them to draw on the power of Christ through a warrior’s greatest weapons — faith, love and prayer. It concludes with the great commission for those who are willing to accept the challenge and join the ranks.Stories of men and women performing deeds of valor on the spiritual battlefield didn’t end in Bible times or with the lives of saints from centuries past. Particularly in an era when priests are few and challenges are many, Christ needs laypeople who are willing to put on the full armor of God, push back enemy lines, and advance the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

    Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Rise to your feet, all you mighty warriors. The Spirit of God says, “Come!” You are hereby commissioned!

    Personal Review

    A very insightful book into understanding the dark forces that surrounds us.  I recommend this book in that we can learn how we are able to put on ‘Spiritual Armour’ to protect us and keep us holy.  However this book should never be used as a manual to fight demons etc. which some might mistakenly use. (Especially if they had purchased the add-on Spiritual Warfare prayer Book).  There are sanctioned teams within the Catholic Church who are trained in deliverance and can only do so with special approval.

    We should instead, build and strengthen our relationship with God. We then have nothing to fear!

    Book Description

    From the NBC consultant on Vatican Affairs comes an inspiring book that challenges readers to follow Jesus and discover the rich adventure of the Christian faith.

    Thomas D. Williams draws on the vast knowledge he’s gained from his own spiritual journey to inspire others in the pursuit of progress. Through his writing, readers will begin to:

    – Understand holiness as the true meaning of life
    – See prayer not as a duty, but as an opportunity for conversation with God
    – Take courage from God’s strength
    – Acknowledge their roles in a story larger than themselves
    – Learn never to say no to God
    – Develop the spiritual disciplines that will ignite an adventurous and exciting relationship with God.

    Personal Review

    I personally feel that every Catholic should own a copy regardless of whether it may have been written as a ‘beginner’s guide’.  It is beautifully written in a spiritual and yet very down to earth style which makes understanding the principles a breeze. 

    Loved the stories, quotes and how the principles are taught through the scripture passages chosen.  It helped me have a greater understanding and appreciation for my own spiritual journey.