Prayer Room Encounter

Posted: January 29, 2023 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Prayers

Over the last a month and a half, I was invited by two fellow students of Encounter to join a prayer team via Zoom exactly or very close to our praticuum.

I have participated three times so far. The first time, I was paired up with a fellow student who was more experienced in this. The last two times I was alone because of a shortage of prayer ministers.

Basically what takes place before the the prayer room is opened, we attend a live meeting taking place in Sri Lanka. It is a charismatic prayer meeting with Gospel sharing/formation and healing service. After that the rooms are opened for those who cannot make it in person.

It was a little overwhelming in the beginning because the participants that come in generally have multiple prayer requests for themselves and very often for their families. Also I had never encountered a simple prayer request so far. Egs. Apart from healing prayers, there were requests for deliverance, protection against evil spirits, pension to make medical bills and employment to feed the family.

Still I will continue to lean in to pray and minister from my Father’s heart. Amen

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