Church of St Michael adventure in the Lord

Posted: January 29, 2023 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Memory Book, Prayers

29 Sun Church of St Michael

A cold, morning with light gentle showers of Blessing. Managed to arrive safely with my family and had just enough time to go for the sacrament of reconciliation.

Sat next to a nice lady who was attentive to hear me say to our kids that there was enough room for their mum who hadn’t yet come in. So she moved in closer to her husband so that we all could sit together in the pew. At the exchange of peace, I introduced myself and Suzy did likewise. So after mass I offered to pray for her. Apart for the healing from an itchy throat and cough, I had the sense while praying that the Lord was pleased with her and that He wanted her to minister to those He will send her way with that motherly heart. Praise the Lord!

Then I met a brother from my parish, Church of St Anthony who is serving at CSM under some food and beverage ministry of sorts. They serve free breakfast after the early morning mass. I was very interested to know what goes on behind the scenes and how they manage it. It was amazing to see parishioners intermingling, talking and getting to know one another over breakfast. I offered to pray over him. As I prayed for a fresh anointing from our Lord I suddenly stopped mid prayer, as I saw a vision of a powerful waterfall, I declared it to him saying it was the anointing over him. Immediately he said he saw and received it, then started tearing. He shared then whenever he experiences a powerful presence of the Lord, he starts to tear.a Praise the Lord!

As I walked over to the library two lovely ladies, ex parishioners of CSA now serving as wardens at CSM came up to greet and hug me at the same time! I was delighted at such a warm reception and held them with each arm and prayed over them. Just as I was about to announce that rays from heaven were descending upon them, the lady on my left just plopped her head on my shoulder thankfully her legs were still stable as the other lady beside her gently lifted her head up. She shared later that she had felt a very warm session come over her. Praise the Lord!

Will I be given this wonderful opportunity every week? The Lord only knows… As I shared before, here I am Lord, I come to do Your will. Amen

  1. paperstory says:

    Hello Brother in Christ,
    I am Joanne. As I read your post, I beg if you can pray over me as I have been suffering at work for the past 9 months. I hardly sleep and when I hear birds chirping in the morning, it freaks me out as I know I have to go back work. I have anxiety, I am worried that I get scolded at work again, I just can’t function as normally cos I seem to be afraid of everything now.
    I have been seeking God so much, pray so much, I find I am losing myself. I find I just can’t find happiness in whatever I do now. I prayed rosary but can never focus. The whole session, I will think of work and worry comes again.
    Please please help me. Please.
    Hope to hear from you. Thank you so much.
    Mobile: 83833553
    I stay in Toa Payoh and I go Church of Christ for Sunday mass.
    Sent from my iPhone

    • CatholicJules says:

      Peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you dear. Sorry to hear the situation you are facing. If you like you can come to my parish church of st anthony in Woodlands and lafter the 915am mass a couple and I will pray over you outside the church hall near the benches. Alternatively we can arrange a zs pray over session if you prefer though the former is preferred. 🙏 Let me know and I’ll reach out to you via whatsapp

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