A Meaningful Encounter…

Posted: November 5, 2022 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys
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I was walking with my daughter to the bus stop from mum’s place to go home, when I heard a guy call out “uncle” from behind me. As there was an old man walking towards me I thought the couple walking behind me was calling out to him. But the old man neither acknowledged their call nor did he even look their way. As the old man passed me by I heard a loud call “uncle” again so I turned to have a look.

Lo and behold the tall lanky Chinese guy in his mid fifties wearing a surgical mask was actually calling out to me. He asked if I was a Christian and I replied yes but curious how did he know? It turns out the t shirt I was wearing had ‘Servants of The Lord” printed behind. We then had a wonderful chat all the way to the bus stop.

Turns out Joseph and his Filipino wife are missionaries who  just returned from the Philippines two months ago. He is from an independent non denominational church. He shared that ever since he was baptised some 18 years ago, he was called to the Lord to go on mission. And has done so on His providence all this while.

I was curious how he encountered the Lord to begin with. Apparently prior to a car accident, Joseph was a ‘Tang Kee’ which is a Chinese medium. When he had that terrible accident he saw a vision of the Lord reaching out and pulling him out of the wreck. He did not know who Jesus was at the time. A few months later he was led to a church and when he saw a picture of Jesus he broke down and cried. He was later baptized and had ever since ministered to people through healing and leading them to the Lord.

I briefly shared my own journey with him till his bus arrived first. Told him I would look him up if I was in the neighborhood again. Afterall he is starting two floors above my mum.

Praise the Lord for such a meaningful encounter with a fellow brother in Christ!

The T shirt I was wearing
  1. Vincent Perera says:

    Peace Bro Julian,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful encounter with us paving the message how the Lord spreads His beliefs and teachings thru strangers on the street regardless of race or religion , we have only one belief that is trust in the Lord and He will you the way
    Praise The Lord

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