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On Servant Leadership

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On Servant Leadership

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My… Oh my…

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You would think by now that with a few years of experience, a faith that is quite strong I would not be subject to fear and feelings of inadequacy. Well you and I would both be wrong!

I have been approached twice by two different ministries to take the lead in two separate spiritual matters. I had agreed to both and now wonder how will I be able to deliver that will bring glory to the Lord? Can I feed His sheep and lambs the way I’m expected to? Can I give my all, more so in terms of time?

Yes I know if I remain steadfast in prayer, faith and in His love, He will be there to guide and strengthen me. Thing is I will need prayers not just my own to remain so……

On Serving As A…

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Happy Mother’s Day

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Dearest Blessed Mother, through your intercession, I pray for all mothers. They give life, nurture and nourish their children. Often through great personal sacrifice. Watch over them and keep them in your loving embrace. May they continue to emulate your gentleness, care and love. Through Christ your Son, our Lord and saviour. Amen

Healing Mass 4th May 2019

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Healing Mass 4th May 2019

Awesome is the love of our Lord for His people. For many were restored and healed.

For me personally I have a condition where the cervical space between two areas in my neck have deteriorated over the years and of late I suffer terrible pains with the pressing down on the nerve. After the service it had improved tremendously. Praise the Lord!

But my main testimony is about the love and mercy of my Risen Lord. I had lost my temper with my son the night before for shoving his brother around. When I shouted out for him to stop he went so far as to try and head butt his brother. I hit him a few times then wanted to take a hockey stick to him but was held back. When I calmed down eventually my neck was hurt and throbbing. I explained my anger to my sons, especially when it occurred under my roof and their refusal to stop escalating the situation even after I stepped in. I was dismayed at myself for losing it even momentarily and was hoping to seek the Sacrament of reconciliation the next morning but no priest was available. Even though I knew in my heart I was forgiven during the Eucharistic Celebration I did not want to take His mercy and love for granted.

During the healing mass that evening I renewed my commitment to the Lord at the start. I told Him I would serve Him in any way I was called and at any time. Though I was certainly not expecting that He would call me that very evening. During the praise and worship session as I closed my eyes for a time, I saw a vision of Jesus laying His head on my shoulder. I felt loved and trusted even though I had led him down by my transgression. Then during the Eucharistic Celebration, just as Holy Communion was about to start, a member of the Gloria Patri Ministry asked if I could help as an extra ordinary minister of Holy Communion! It did not matter that I was now serving as a Steward of the Banquet aka warden in my Parish and thought I would never again have an opportunity to serve in that capacity. Of course I was overjoyed to do so. Then I recalled the time when I served as vice chair in that ministry and would remind everyone especially the newbies that as EMHCs, Holy Communion was the last thing we did. We were disciples first and foremost and served the community in any way and by the way we gave communion! I suppose in my heart I would always be a communion minister with the primary role to lead others to reverent, love and cherish Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

Later during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as Joe the leader was quoting from the book of revelation, I had another powerful vision. In my arms I was carrying the lamb! Not that I was worthy to do so but rather He made me worthy! He loved and trusted me to do so. The same way He trusted my hands to place Him in the hands of His flock or on their tongues. I could not hold back my tears. Why did He love me so? Perhaps because He loved me first, He will ask the very same question He asked St Peter…. Do you Love me? And my answer must be in my love put to action for Him and for brethren.

Today 5th May I managed to go for the Sacrament of reconciliation this morning and then shared the joy of the Risen Lord with my ministry members through the Gospel reflection and will do so again in the afternoon. Glory and Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen alleluia!