Lord do you hear me cry?

Posted: August 24, 2019 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

I am an old man now with a young heart trapped in a broken body. In my prime I climbed trees, swam long distances in the ocean, hiked up mountains, canoed and loved such exhilarating physical activities! Now I struggle to walk from one point to the next. My eyes are dimmed I can hardly see. And I often need help to clean up after myself.

Lord do you hear me cry?

My memory is shot on a rapid decline. I have wonderful, unique memories from my childhood, of my teens and young adult years I cherish; soon all will be lost yet I have no one to share them with. For who is patient enough to hear an old man who tends to repeat himself? Who is willing to hear of my triumphs, trophies as well as my losses? Who has time for me? Nowadays it is difficult for me to have, or even make new memories!

Lord do you hear me cry?

My children have their own struggles and lives to lead. Still they visit me when they can, I am blessed they still care for and love me. This gives me joy even though it is shortlived. I have never wanted to be a burden to anyone, especially not to my wife and kids. But I am helpless in this regard. Where are you Lord? Are you not my strength, my fortitude? Where is the dignity in growing old?

Lord do you hear me cry?

I pray when I can, that is when I remember to. I pray to see Your light in my clear and present darkness. Now I pray that there are kind souls out there who are praying for me and my aged wife. Amen



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