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On Today’s Gospel

Posted: August 6, 2019 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections
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How am I configured to my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ? Is the level of my faith and relationship with Him ever growing? Am I more loving than before? More patient then I once was? Am I able to testify to His love and mercy, with family, friends, even the stranger? Or am I still afraid to ‘offend’ others by my very own belief in Him? Do I still hold on to my addictions? Do I still give in readily to temptations?

The glory and power of our Lord Jesus Christ had been manifested to us, when His face shone brilliantly into the deep dark recesses of our lives. When He freed us from our sins, healed and restored us. How magnificently we had been changed from within such that we are able to bring forth His light into the darkness of our sisters and brothers. We know that we, children of God our Heavenly Father will one day stand in His presence to share in His Glory. Glory and praise indeed to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Heavenly Father almighty God, I hear Your voice telling me to listen to Your Son my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Your Will be done now and forever. Amen

First reading

Daniel 7:9-10,13-14 ·
His robe was white as snow

As I watched:

Thrones were set in place and one of great age took his seat.
His robe was white as snow, the hair of his head as pure as wool.
His throne was a blaze of flames, its wheels were a burning fire.
A stream of fire poured out, issuing from his presence.
A thousand thousand waited on him, ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.
A court was held and the books were opened.

I gazed into the visions of the night.

And I saw, coming on the clouds of heaven,
one like a son of man.
He came to the one of great age and was led into his presence.
On him was conferred sovereignty, glory and kingship, and men of all peoples, nations and languages became his servants.
His sovereignty is an eternal sovereignty
which shall never pass away,
nor will his empire ever be destroyed.


Luke 9:28-36
Jesus is transfigured before them

Jesus took with him Peter and John and James and went up the mountain to pray. As he prayed, the aspect of his face was changed and his clothing became brilliant as lightning. Suddenly there were two men there talking to him; they were Moses and Elijah appearing in glory, and they were speaking of his passing which he was to accomplish in Jerusalem. Peter and his companions were heavy with sleep, but they kept awake and saw his glory and the two men standing with him. As these were leaving him, Peter said to Jesus, ‘Master, it is wonderful for us to be here; so let us make three tents, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.’ – He did not know what he was saying. As he spoke, a cloud came and covered them with shadow; and when they went into the cloud the disciples were afraid. And a voice came from the cloud saying, ‘This is my Son, the Chosen One. Listen to him.’ And after the voice had spoken, Jesus was found alone. The disciples kept silence and, at that time, told no one what they had seen.