Posted: December 19, 2019 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

The countdown has begun where we will celebrate the Incarnation of the Word made flesh. The birthday of the Savior of the World our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

As we draw close to the 4th and final week of Advent, I am elated and my heart is filled with joy as I look back from the start of Advent 2018. I’ve aged indeed and my body never fails to remind me but I still possess a youthful heart and outlook. Though at times I feel I’m rather immature rather then childlike. Still my Lord has allowed me to grow through my mistakes. My prayer life is good, though I know it can be better and I am very much comfortable in sharing my faith and the reason behind it. In any case there is always more to learn and grow.

So while the year was not always easy, with great challenges both physically and spiritually I am very thankful and most grateful to the Lord for the following…

A very loving and generous family who has always been very supportive.

For the various communities I am a part of who inspire to be better, more importantly Holier by their very own desire and drive to grow in Holiness. Ephraim SCC and CG lol in particular have both taken their growth as a community to the next level. St Louise group is shaping up nicely. The fraternal bonds have grown so much that anyone joining in for the first time can feel the love between the members and want to be part of the loving community; but most importantly they feel most profoundly our Lord’s presence and know in their hearts that God is truly with us.

I am also very thankful to the Lord that Focolare and Servants of the Lord have some how or rather for lack of a better word ‘adopted’ our family, they not open their doors to us but their hearts as well. A sure sign of God’s love that prevails in their communities.

All Glory and Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen

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