Archive for December 15, 2019

In last night’s LISS Session which happened to be the very last. Fr spoke on the topic ‘Be my witnesses’ which was a very impactful talk with many takeaways. Three and not in the order it was presented, neither is it verbatim but coupled with my own personal reflection and take are…

We cannot keep coming, coming, coming, coming, for formation talks, retreats, LISS, CER, and so on. We must also GO! Go make disciples of all nations, Go share the love of God, Go glorifying God by our lives. Go share that the kingdom of God is at hand! After all at the end of every mass we are sent but we do not GO! We just keep coming back.

We need to pray for boldness and zeal for God our Father’s house! So that we can stop living on the surface of our safe, comfortable faith lves. We need to grow deeper in our faith, by falling more deeply in love our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. Our love for Him must be seen and heard by putting into action the love and conviction in caring for His sheep, all His sheep even those from different folds. We must boldly proclaim Christ had come, Christ had died for our sins, He rose from the dead so that we might have life to the full in Him and that He will come again! We must be seen living in the light of our Lord’s resurrection.

We need to have faith in others, affirm and pray for them. Provide opportunities for them to spread their wings and fly! And if they fall be there to help them up and encourage them to fly again so that they might soar higher then before through the grace of God. I share this from personal experience!

A good and loving Shepherd after Jesus’s heart saw in me what I and no others saw at that time he saw a man of God, a disciple. Just as our Lord did, he beckoned me to come and see. Over the years he encouraged and provided many opportunities for me to learn and grow. Many a time he threw me into the deep end, having faith that if I did not swim, I would somehow float. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself giving formation talks, sharing and giving testimony before the whole Church. Even being part of a team to form future leaders in our Parish. Truly it has been surreal indeed! And it all started with a spark of hope, trust and faith by our Lord’s shepherd. It enkindled in me a fire to love and serve my Lord and my brethren. The loving shepherd has moved on to shepherd his other flock still I will always remain grateful and thankful to him for leading me into the loving embrace of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise and glory be to our Lord Jesus. Amen