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Leading others to what is sacred…

This is indeed one of the toughest things to do. How do you do so when eyes have not seen, ears have not heard? How might one put it as charitably across so as not to offend but rather to help open the eyes of another to see what is sacred before them?

That we enter on to sacred ground when we enter the church. And so other than to read the readings and Gospel our mobile phones should be switched off. Silence should be observed to pray and prepare our hearts and minds to receive Jesus in the Word and Holy Eucharist. If one arrives late then one should stand or sit behind till an appropriate time to make way to seats available, rather than barge one’s way in and disrupting the Gospel proclamation or homily for others. That we should be united in the way we follow the postures as laid out for us during the liturgy.

All of us should be appropriately dressed in reverence for our Lord and God especially those serving the liturgy whether on a weekday or a weekend. Those who proclaim from the pulpit do you NOT realise you are standing in the sanctuary on hallowed ground? Should you then continue to dress as you please? If the celebrant puts on his vestments each time he celebrates mass whether it is on a weekend or a weekday because he celebrates at the Holy Altar, the Holy sacrifice of Christ why can’t we dress likewise in reverence. Since when is it ok to dress down or to wear what we would wear to sleep? Yes you’d be surprised how irreverent some are for they have fallen asleep!

What is the purpose of trying to lead others to the awareness of what is sacred? Well the reason is simply so that they too can experience the Lord our God in a deeper and more profound way. So that they can deepen their relationship with Him. The more effort they put into revering Him, the greater the graces they will receive for themselves as well as their families. For our Lord Jesus can turn what appears superficial into that which is supersubstantial! We see this most evidently in the transformation of ordinary bread and wine.

So sisters and brothers let us lead one another into greater Holiness and into the sacred by both our words and actions. Amen