Personal reflection on my typical weekend…

Posted: September 7, 2019 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Weekends are very precious for most to relax and unwind. To sleep in till very late in the morning. I haven’t in a sense, had this luxury for the past few years.

My typical Saturday begins with me waking between 4:30 to 5am. I then reflect on today’s reading and Gospel then post my reflections online. Then quickly bathe and rush for Morning Lauds at 6:15am followed by morning Eucharist. Every few weeks like today I will serve as the morning Lector for the Eucharistic Celebration. Today also being the first Saturday of the month we have the Rosary at the Grotto, otherwise I will proceed for ‘Breakfast with Jesus’ basically a small community gathered to share the word and testimony of our Lord at the coffee shop. Then it’s a rush home to see to my family’s breakfast. I then send my daughter for Cathechism class while I go for Adoration and if time permits then I run an errand or two. Then it’s back home for lunch. From time to time I will either attend a formation, focolare community meeting on first Saturdays, Healing EC or visit my parents. Today we were blessed to be invited for The Servants of The Lord family day. If the Saturday is not packed then I would honestly feel something missing.

Sunday is the latest I sleep in during the whole week, I wake up at 6am then off to church to prepare for the Sunday reflections at 8am with our group in the Stewards of the Banquet ministry serving the 9:15am EC. Then it’s a quick bite, then off for our SCC meeting if one is scheduled for that Sunday or for a couple Session with our spiritual director. If there is nothing on then it’s catching up on ironing, some housework and family time.

Yes it can be typically very tiring and draining, but the beauty and wonder of it all is that it isn’t! Because I do not rely on my own strength. I rely on my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ! And I thank Him for the opportunities to share Him with others even for the challenges that come with it, though I definitely prefer not to have too much of the latter.

If I do get worn and tired then it’s because I have either not spent enough quiet time with my Lord, am not living in a state of grace thereby not frequenting the Holy Sacraments the way I should, in short not walking in His light.

All glory and Praise to the Lord our God. Amen

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