On Belonging To A Faith Community

Posted: August 3, 2019 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

On belonging to a faith community.

Time and again you will hear it from the pulpit, formation talk, even in Scripture on the importance of belonging to a faith community. Yet most everyone turns deaf to this call. Some of these folks are more inclined to join a funfair, food and drink fellowship at most. Why?

Well they have varied reasons both spoken as well as unspoken. Here are some…

1. Too busy with work
2. Eats into family time
3. TV series, sports channel, movies to catch up on.
4. Too Holy moly for me
5. Uncomfortable with crowds.
6. Unfamiliar, I take longer to warm up to strangers.
7. Don’t like certain people in the group.
8. Don’t know enough about my faith to share.
9. No one invited me.
10. Some of the faith groups are exclusive
11. Value my privacy
12. More important things to do.
13. Prefer to go for Adoration
14. Time for the Lord is reserved only for one hour on Sundays the rest is me time!

All I can say to all the above is this, “You truly do not know what you’re missing.“ First and foremost the reality of our Lord’s Jesus’s amazing and unique presence in His community gathered before Him. So much so that if I had to choose between personal adoration or sharing in His presence at a prayer meeting at a specific given time, I’d choose the latter always.

Our Lord calls us all to come together with all our imperfections, in all our brokenness, of feelings of inadequacies and He will grant us the grace we need and fill all the voids in our lives. We are given an opportunity to grow and inspire one another to grow in faith; in His love. One Family, One Body In Him. With the blessings and anointings received we can better love the families we were born into as well as those yet to join us.

Here are some inspiring words from St Ignatius of Antioch…

Work together in harmony, struggle together, run together, suffer together, rest together, rise together, as stewards, advisors and servants of God. Seek to please him whose soldiers you are and from whom you draw your pay; let none of you prove a deserter. Let your baptism be your armor, your faith your helmet, your charity your spear, your patience your panoply. Let your good works be your deposits, so that you may draw out well-earned savings. So be patient and gentle with one another, as God is with you. May I have joy in you for ever!

May almighty God our Father bless us now and forever. Amen

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