On Prophesying

Posted: December 3, 2022 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Memory Book, Testimonies

03 Dec 2022

I’m still reeling with excitement over today’s activations, speed-prophesying for one another. I saw first hand how easily one might fall into a performance based mentality instead of trusting fully in our relationship with our loving merciful Father who desires progress not perfection.

The whole learning process was encouraging, affirming and edyfying! While I’m quite sure it would have been daunting for anyone to have two priests to prophesy over I felt it was a real privilege an honour. First Fr Ken Barker founder of Missionaries of God’s Love and later Fr Chris Eaton both affirmed that what I had shared resonated with them. I also had the opportunity to prophesy over two ladies, one said it fully resonated with her while the other from the same order MGL said she needed more time to discern what was shared.

I was edified by all the prophesies for me. But two really stood out, one about God our Father wanting to have fun with me, like Father and son playing cards. The other was about ministering out of God our Father’s abundance. When I think that’s it there is always more. After she said it I felt an outpouring of grace. More Lord… More. Amen

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