Prophesy and Word of Knowledge

Posted: January 22, 2023 by CatholicJules in Memory Book, Testimonies

21 Jan 2023 Sat SG

Another exciting session of activations on Prophesying out of words of knowledge and wisdom.

I had to get a word of knowledge from something in the past then ask the Lord for a prophesy for something in the future for the person grouped with me. And I got Father Ken Barker! Needless to say how affirming it was to hear him say spot on! His sharing for the word of knowledge was spot on too! Praise the Lord. A snippet on what he shared is that he has the sense the Lord has given victory over a habitual sin I had struggled with for many years. And now I am to minister to others showing them how to overcome habitual sins!

We then had to be grouped in pairs once again and ask the Lord for 5 words of knowledge for our partner. Again all five with be either a yes or no answer for both of us. A lady from Australia went first and got 4 out of 5 correct. The last one being wrong was if I was prone to headaches. Praise the Lord! When it came to my turn I just went what the Lord showed and told me, and I was relived abs thankful that I got it all right!

We had a few more rounds before it was time to prophesy at a group level. Basically 8 pairs would take turns to pray and see the Lord highlight a person in the whole group and prophesy to that person in front of the rest. I volunteered as someone was very quickly highlighted to me. It was a little nerve wrecking doing it before the the whole group but the Lord had highlighted the lady to me so I simply trusted and leaned into His word for her. She said it resonated with her and was edified to take the next step forward. Praise the Lord!

After today’s two hour session I was still reeling and a little dazed by the wonders that took place. What struck me the most, was that by taking risks, we can minister more fully to the ones our Lord put before us.

How wonderful it is to hear the Lord speak to us intimately through the details shared by His prophets!

I attended evening mass and the Lord highlighted an old lady in a wheelchair to pray for, so I walked up to her then saw a church friend sitting bedside her. Turns out it was her mother, I asked the friend for mum’s name and prayed over her. As I walked back to my seat next to my wife who was the lector on duty, I saw a mutual friend standing outside the church hall, a Eucharistic minister preparing to serve. My wife had mentioned a week back that he was in a lot of pain and was going for an operation very soon. I went over to him, joked a little wth him before I prayed for his pain to subside. For Jesus to heal him and if not right away, then to please Bless the surgeon preforming the operation, so that all will be well. I then quickly made my way back to my seat as mass was starting soon.

After communion I noticed he was walking back to his seat in an odd manner. Most likely he was still very much in pain. I decided to lean into praying for the pain away. The Lord showed me a vision of a leather wine skin. I asked the Lord what it meant for him? All I got was ‘new wine skin.’

So after mass I went up and told him I sensed that he still in great pain, so prayed for the pain to go away. Then I shared the vision and what I got from the Lord about it. I asked if it made any sense to him as I was clueless. He shared that it made perfect sense to him. What?? He shared that his doctor had told him that was going to get a graft to replace the ruptured skin, a result caused by the hernia so in essence new skin! Praise the Lord!

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