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Posted: June 11, 2017 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Memory Book, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Recollection on my Birthday

Recalling in awe and amazement how the Lord has fast tracked my faith life in the last 7 years.


1. Placed in me a growing desire to learn more after realising I knew so little about Eucharist during my eldest First Holy Communion programme.
2. Called to service as Extraordinary Communion Minister of Holy Communion.
3. Called to journey through LISS.
4. Called to deepen my faith in the Holy Eucharist by facilitating the FHC program.
5. Called to deepen my faith and love for Jesus and the Holy Spirit through the Four Steps Retreat.
6. Called to help facilitate LISS from time to time.
7. Given opportunities to serve as an altar server, doubling up as communion minister.
8. Given opportunities to proclaim the word as a Lector.
9. Give opportunities to be Animator for choir
10. Called to start a neighbourhood group.
11. Called to start a blog
12. Called to start a Facebook page (currently with 12k followers around the globe)
13. Called to facilitate confirmation program for two young adults.
14. Called to deeper discipleship through burning bush, RISS and other such programs.
15. Called to leadership.
16. Called to mentor others into discipleship
17. Called to journey with CPS small Christian community.
18. Neighbour group transforms into small Christian community.
19. Called to share the faith through talks and personal testimonies
20. Guiding those who desire to serve into ministry.
21. Planning and development for the future.

I am indeed grateful, thankful and humble by the many blessings and Graces ourpoured by the Holy Trinity. I Pray that whatever I am called to do will be strictly the Lord’s will for me, and that it may be done in a way pleasing to Him, the Lord my God. Amen


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Today was the first time I gave a talk at a RCIA session. Scripture passage Luke 9:23-24 Praise the Lord for His graces and inspiration. Great opportunity to share the 7 characteristics of the Cross We are called to carry. 

Posted: March 19, 2017 by CatholicJules in Memory Book

My little sharing at the New Wine Conference 2016 

Posted: September 20, 2016 by CatholicJules in Memory Book

Outpouring – Youth Convention 2016

Posted: June 24, 2016 by CatholicJules in Memory Book

Just a brief reflection on a Christ filled session…

When the Lord calls I have learnt to always say yes unless I am prompted to say otherwise. And so it was a privilege to witness and be part of the pray over team.

It was amazing to feel the Lord’s strong presence even before He came into the Auditorium in the form of the Blessed Sacrament. Another wonderful thing was the very large number teens who were very opened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and an equal large number who possessed an intense desire to experience the Lord in a deep tangible way.

But what struck me the most was just how much brokenness there was in many of the teens. How some were holding on to unforgiveness because of deep hurts and pain. How others were struggling with habitual sins, addictions and anger issues. And many similar issues that we adults face such as rejections etc.

I began to see how grave it can be if and when their parents downplay the struggles they face or think little or nothing of them. What if they as parents were the cause of much of their hurts, pain and they did not even realise it. For example being critical about everything their child does or simply being indifferent towards them and their accomplishments.

How blessed we are as a Church to have a vibrant youth programme, good proper catechesis and Youth conferences such as this to bring about healing, reconciliation and a deepening of the Faith.

What a great Blessing it was for me personally that the Lord had given me a very unique opportunity to pray over both my sons. I am quite sure it was not planned out by the Youth Coordinators as they might have felt that the children might be uncomfortable if it was their own parents praying over them. Trying to be sensitive to my sons’ feelings if any, I prayed over them from behind while my partner took the front. Through the wonderful grace of our Lord Jesus Christ my younger son experienced what it is like to rest in the Spirit and to receive His graces. Today when asked if he was comfortable with me praying over him, he shared that he was in actual fact hoping it would be me.

We the prayer team witnessed the Lord’s healing power in many of the youths, liberation, and His abundant love and peace filling their hearts. I am certain many of them received new gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Now and forever. Amen

My Pentecost Experience

Posted: May 17, 2016 by CatholicJules in Memory Book

I had allowed the cares of the world to overpower me somehow. For I had forgotten what it was like to walk in the Spirit. However my Lord called me to attend the Spirit Fest aka tridium leading to up to Pentecost. I know He surely called me as I had no plans or intentions of attending.

Praise the Lord I managed to go for reconciliation on Thursday evening, because by Saturday I was very much alive in the spirit. When asked if anyone wanted to share about their encounter with the Holy Spirit, I was prompted to share. So I testified with a condensed version of my own conversion experience and a few encounters with the workings of the Holy Spirit. Then I waited patiently knowing it would touch someone out there even maybe someone who had heard it all before.

Later on that day I paired up with a lady who was formerly from another Parish ‘Christ the King’ . She thanked me for the sharing as she was inspired by it. I was then given the opportunity to pray for her to unlock some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which she needed. It was a memorable prayer indeed as I was fully guided by the Holy Spirit on how to pray for her.

Again fully inspired before dinner and the Eucharist, I shared with our small group of eight. Many are afraid to commit to the Lord and allow for the Holy Spirit to take over. Why? Are we afraid that by saying Yes He will make us do something we do not want to do? Why are we afraid? In Jer 29:11 He promises that He has a plan for us. Not to harm us but to prosper us. He is the one constant source of strength, peace and love in our lives. Heb 13:8 Jesus is the same today, tomorrow and forever. So like I learnt in having attended Marriage Encounter, why settle for a good enough marriage when you can have a great marriage? The Lord is telling us not to settle for a mediocre relationship with Him, but let us say Yes to Him like a faithful spouse and we will bear great fruits in our life with Him. Amen

Humility & God’s Love

Posted: February 21, 2016 by CatholicJules in Memory Book, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

After four hours of deeply reflecting His Word in the Adoration room. It was only in the last half an hour that I received this two sentences from my Lord. To me they are profound in simplicity. Two different sentences yet one complete message that has a great impact on my journey towards a deeper relationship with Him. It will definitely help me become a better disciple then I could ever have hoped to be.

“You are no better than anyone else. You are just as good.”

Glory and Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!