An Experience To Cherish (in my journey as an EMC)

Posted: September 20, 2015 by CatholicJules in Memory Book


I have never forgotten my first time serving as Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.  And over the years since 2011 I have penned the many wonderful experiences and encounters.

I must admit that there were times too I felt perturbed even dismayed when parishioners came up with a lack of reverence and especially when they were dressed in shorts. I would later pray for them to encounter God in a deep personal way. 

As the years passed, I’ve made it a point to grow deeper in love with Jesus in the Eucharist and His flock. So that every encounter of placing Christ on the palm or tongue of His people is a loving act.

Today however the experience was totally new and I pray will carry over for the rest of my life. For as I was giving communion, I began to feel the intense love of Christ for His people. As I looked into their eyes, it did not matter what they had done or failed to do.  Whether they were dressed properly or not. He loved them all so very much and probably even more than they will ever realise.  There was no room in me in that moment of time to question, ponder or reflect.  God’s all encompassing, powerful love embracing me in that very moment!  And so when I returned to the pew to pray I teared, a joyful blessed experience indeed but what did I do to deserve it? 

Thank You Jesus! Glory to You O Lord my God. Amen

After 45 mins of posting this testimony, I received this private message from a brother through another sister. She shared what her daughter told her….

Today Rachel received communion from Julian, she said he looks like a care bear, his eyes look so gentle, as though he is in the cloud so fluffy. 😇


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