A Little Note On My Love For My Parish

Posted: October 14, 2015 by CatholicJules in Memory Book


I love all the Catholic Churches in the world, but the two main Parishes I will always hold dear to my heart are Church of the Risen Christ in Toa Payoh and Church of St Anthony Woodlands Singapore.

Church of the Risen Christ is the Parish I grew up in, with fond memories of friendships built to last a lifetime.  Of taking part in the choir for a spell and carolling round the neighbourhood at Christmas. Of the blessed opportunity to read out a poem I had written for then Archbishop Gregory Yong during my confirmation EC. I had learnt about the faith through my Cathechism there and grew up knowing full well that I would never abandon the Church to seek God elsewhere. 

Fast forward 25++ years later or so, my home Parish is now Church of St Anthony.  This is where my journey truly began, where I encountered the Holy Trinity in a very personal way and developed a deep loving relationship with Him.  God our Father opened so many doors for me and gave me so many opportunities to serve Him in His Church, the community and more.  We at St Anthony’s are truly blessed to have great, wonderful and dedicated Shepherds.  Especially our Parish Priest who works tirelessly in working to form His flock. 

And so Heavenly Father I thank You for the fond memories of the past and the fond memories developing as I continue to serve You in my Church, my community and in the world. I pray You to continue to bless, guide and watch over our priests and laity.  Especially our Pope, our Bishop, our priests and all the clergy, religious around the world.  Amen

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