Plan For Jesus Plan In Love

Posted: December 29, 2015 by CatholicJules in Memory Book, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

You can have the best intentions and best planning tools but without Jesus in its centre or the love of Him and His people you have nothing but a secular event with imitation spiritual trimmings. A joyous front, a facade which quite easily satisfies the non spiritual appetite.

For those truly in love with Christ and His people, will never leave things to their own design. Will never slap together a makeshift myriad of ideas, spiritual elements of songs, prayers, food, games and entertainment.

Each and every aspect of the event is prayed upon, discerned, pondered over by the whole team. Then slowly each brick is laid and the whole foundation is built upon our Rock.

The results will speak for itself……here are some

* A sense of peace and joy fills the room for our Lord is present.

* A hunger and thirst for more in which time gently whizzes by.

* A lasting memory which brings a smile upon recollection.

* Community bonds are formed and they look forward to the next meeting or event.

* A desire to serve our Lord and God in some cases…..

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