Joyful Mystery 5

Posted: December 29, 2015 by CatholicJules in Meditations

## The finding of our Lord in the temple

+ Do I take my family members for granted thinking they will always be around? Do I check in from time to time to ensure their well being? Or do I assume someone else in the family is watching over them?

+ Do I pray and trust in the Lord my God in times of distress and anxiety that He will lead me on?

+ Do I ask questions about my faith? Ponder and reflect on Holy scripture so as to grow in my relationship with God? Do I share what I learnt so as to learn it better? Am I able to astound others with the knowledge of our awesome loving God?

+ When I feel that I’ve lost Jesus through sin, temptations, preoccupations of self or worldly distractions. Do I also know that in His great love and mercy for me, He is to be found in the Church? The Holy Sacraments? Especially in the sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist? The most Blessed Sacrament in the Adoration room?

+ I cherish You my Jesus and ponder in my heart all that is You and about You. Amen

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