My Pentecost Experience

Posted: May 17, 2016 by CatholicJules in Memory Book

I had allowed the cares of the world to overpower me somehow. For I had forgotten what it was like to walk in the Spirit. However my Lord called me to attend the Spirit Fest aka tridium leading to up to Pentecost. I know He surely called me as I had no plans or intentions of attending.

Praise the Lord I managed to go for reconciliation on Thursday evening, because by Saturday I was very much alive in the spirit. When asked if anyone wanted to share about their encounter with the Holy Spirit, I was prompted to share. So I testified with a condensed version of my own conversion experience and a few encounters with the workings of the Holy Spirit. Then I waited patiently knowing it would touch someone out there even maybe someone who had heard it all before.

Later on that day I paired up with a lady who was formerly from another Parish ‘Christ the King’ . She thanked me for the sharing as she was inspired by it. I was then given the opportunity to pray for her to unlock some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which she needed. It was a memorable prayer indeed as I was fully guided by the Holy Spirit on how to pray for her.

Again fully inspired before dinner and the Eucharist, I shared with our small group of eight. Many are afraid to commit to the Lord and allow for the Holy Spirit to take over. Why? Are we afraid that by saying Yes He will make us do something we do not want to do? Why are we afraid? In Jer 29:11 He promises that He has a plan for us. Not to harm us but to prosper us. He is the one constant source of strength, peace and love in our lives. Heb 13:8 Jesus is the same today, tomorrow and forever. So like I learnt in having attended Marriage Encounter, why settle for a good enough marriage when you can have a great marriage? The Lord is telling us not to settle for a mediocre relationship with Him, but let us say Yes to Him like a faithful spouse and we will bear great fruits in our life with Him. Amen

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