A Reflection Guide For (Ministry) on Being An Effective Disciple Of Christ

Posted: September 28, 2015 by CatholicJules in Memory Book

In the last three years as I have journeyed with my fellow Office Bearers, I have grown indeed in my relationship with Jesus.

The journey was filled with many challenges and there were many times I too wanted to give up.  But I accepted them as challenges of carrying the Cross and moved forward.  On hindsight it was these very challenges that brought me closer to my Lord and gave me a sense of fulfilment.  I have as a result grown in my love for my fellow sisters, brothers serving together in the ministry and my community. 

Allow me to share with you some of my insights on discipleship which prayerfully will help you grow in your own journey….

A Reflection Guide For (Ministry) on Being An Effective Disciple Of Christ

1. **Celebrate** always for you have received the joy of the Gospel.  And every EC you attend is a celebration of life and love in God our Father through His Son.  This joy should be reflected in your service.
2. **Communion** it is not enough to receive Holy Communion, you need to always ponder deeply on what it means to be in communion with the Holy Trinity. And especially with one another, one body in Christ.
3. **Community** you have been chosen by God our Father to love and serve His flock. And so your service to and for them must take precendence when called upon for duty. Are you actively feeding His lambs and His sheep?
4. **Communication** Prayer must be central in your life for it is through prayer that you grow in faith and your relationship with God our Father.  And in the same way you take time and effort to communicate with others must be a reflection of your effective prayer life with and through the Holy Trinity.
5. **Commitment** Your commitment / dedication to service is a reflection of your continued Yes to Jesus in taking up your cross and following Him.
6. **Compassion** Loving and forgiving is our Lord and God, slow to anger rich in kindness. He forgave us from the Cross can you do any less for your brethren? Let us never forget it is in His mercy that He set us free and transformed us. Let us always strive to be Christ like, quick to forgive and charitable with our words.
7. **Courageous** You are so because you trust fully in God our Father’s providence and love for you.  Go forth as sent by your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to witness to His profound love for us all. You have with you always your comforter and your guide, the Holy Spirit. 

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