My Spiritual Journey

Posted: August 21, 2010 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

August 2010

I am writing this now at age… *launches calculator to calculate age…* 41! Wow..time certainly flew right by! *sighs*

Like many, I too have let the secular world overwhelm me…what do I mean? Well let’s just say I’ve led an immoral life in the past and had broken at least six or seven of God’s Commandments.  And I got so caught up in making ends meet that I had forgotten about my faith.  Moreover as a cradle Catholic I new only of the basics of my faith and even though I attended the Mass regularly enough, I did not truly celebrate the Eucharist the way that it ought to be celebrated.

Every time I experienced any painful situations in my life, I would pray through Mary our Blessed Mother for help and guidance and she was always there for me.  Through the years she had prompted me gently to listen to Her Son and God our Father, but my ears were closed with the wax of sin.

Over the years, I had experienced three miracles in my life, once when I got hit slightly by a bus while crossing over the road to get to the car after collecting a certificate.  The other when my canoe capsized and I wasn’t wearing my life jacket and nearly drowned.  And the third one was at Our Lady Of Lourdes shrine in France, where after I drank a little holy water from the shrine it calmed my angry stomach which was otherwise in turmoil.   Also in Lourdes was the first time I felt truly unburdened and light after attending the Sacrament of Reconciliation.   However after a few months back home I was back to my sinful ways.

Throughout the years thereafter, I’ve been on a roller coaster ride of Good Vs Evil and somehow the latter seems to have had a strong hold of me.  Anger, Pride and Lust was the top three on my list followed by the rest.  Finally I realized that whatever little happiness I found in the secular world,  was fleeting at best and that it was time for change.

After I attended a few talks given by our Parish Priest on the Eucharistic Celebration, my eyes were really opened for the first time in years.

In my next post in the Life’s Journeys Category I will talk about the beginning of my transformation.  Before that however I’d probably share a few other things in between.

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