The Beginning Of My Personal Transformation…

Posted: August 22, 2010 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

Well it all began after reflecting on the talks my wife and I attended on the history of the Eucharistic Celebration which ended somewhere in late June early July of this year.  We now have a deeper understanding and have come to experience the love and commitment this wonderful Sacrament holds for each and everyone of us.  This however does not mean I was experiencing it fully yet……you see, while I had a deeper appreciation for the Sacrament I was not receiving Jesus in a state of Grace.  Will talk on this a little later on….

Then a few weeks later our Parish Priest gave an invitation to the congregation to attend talks spread over four weeks on understanding and the interpretation of Scripture.  So my wife and I decided to attend and to this day I don’t how or why? But when we first walked into the room, we greeted our Parish Priest who was nearby.  Almost immediately he asked if my wife and I would like to join the Eucharistic Ministry.  I was stunned and speechless and cannot imagine the impression that I must have had on my face because he smiled and said that it was right if I didn’t want to.  I explained that as much as I would like to, I felt unworthy and coupled with my doing shift work it would difficult to commit to say a fixed schedule.  He smiled and said, “Just come and attend the meetings, after all it would take at least six months before anyone would be even ready to perform the duty.”  He then requested we give him our contact details after the talk and he would hand it over to the EMC Leader.

Well needless to say I took this ‘Call’ very seriously and decided to change my life.  I want to be ready and not just in six months.  But I was in need of help! So I prayed to God for the holy spirit to guide me.  Then it happened that in July the Emmanuel Group was reintroducing a LISS ( Life in the Spirit Seminar ) for interested parishioners.   I was keen on finding out more but at the same time reluctant because of the commitment issues mentioned above.  But an old friend Raymund who was leading the team invited me to join with a gentle persuasion and a smile. Oh and in addition,  I am not sure if he’d even remember what he said, but his words of encouragement went along the lines of “You know what, I see that there is something special about you and your wife which I can’t put to words,  I think you both should join us for this seminar and just see where it leads you. Don’t worry about the days you cannot attend.”   So I signed up……

Next up… experience with the LISS

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