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On A Recent Visit To St Bernadette Church..

Posted: December 10, 2010 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

12 Zion Road Singapore

I attended a talk by Michelle Moran on the 7th Dec, however before I went in to the main hall I decided to pay a visit to the adoration room which was located on a 2nd floor.

The adoration room was simply breathtakingly beautiful! I wonder if there are others like it in Singapore?  This interesting and informative plaque was placed outside the entrance :-

The Upper Room

Blessed and opened on the 6th November 2002

During the time of Jesus, it was an important custom for a jewish family to show hospitality to any guest who showed up.  It was a practice that an upper room be always kept ready for guests at all time while the family resided in the lower room.  It was in one such upper room that Jesus and his disciples used for their “Passover meal”, or what we Christians call, the “Last Supper”.  It was in this “Last Supper” that the Eucharist and the Priesthood was instituted.  It was also here that Jesus washed the feet of this disciples when he commanded them to serve as he did.

In this “Upper Room” Jesus appeared to the disciples for the first time after his Resurrection.  And after the Ascension the disciples together with Mary, the mother of Jesus, continued to see refuge and praying together in the “Upper Room” till the Pentecost event, the descent of the Holy Spirit, when Peter and the rest of the Apostles stood up bravely for the first time to preach the Lord Jesus Christ, an event which three thousand believed the Lord Jesus and were baptized. This marked the birth of the Church.

The “Upper Room” having been the venue of so many significant events of the Church now symbolizes the integral part of our Church life, the Eucharist, the Priesthood, the coming of the Holy Spirit, the spirit of preaching the Word of God, conversion and praying together.

The name “Upper Room” is chosen for this prayer room since it too is situated in the upper level with the presence of the Eucharist and the Word of God.  Our hope is that all who come here to pray imbibe the same spirit of the Apostles who spent much time witnessing the Lord, praying together asking for God’s guidance and strength to do his will.  And may this room be a source of strength and comfort for you in God’s presence. God Bless.

Matthew 26:17-35
Mark 14:12-25
Luke 22:7-38