Let Us Pray For The Suffering And Dying

Posted: August 13, 2011 by CatholicJules in Prayers

This little prayer can be said daily and I urge you to join me in saying it…

“O St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus Christ and true spouse of the Virgin Mary,
pray for us and for the suffering and dying of today.”


Another Beautiful prayer to St Joseph

“O Holy Joseph, help each and every one of us,
especially at the hour of death.
Watch over our souls and our bodies and protect our families.
You know, O beloved Saint, that every day we and our brethren pray to you and that we shall never cease to pray for all those who are suffering and dying.
Grant us our warm prayers and grant that all who come to their aid may prosper, pour out blessings on their concerns and their families!  Amen”

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  1. anthony says:

    Who painted and or when was this picture painted ? Any info who be great. Thanks.

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