Posted: August 20, 2011 by CatholicJules in Memory Book

        To define humility: Humility is a virtue by which one has a low opinion of one’s self because one knows one’s self well.  This is the virtue that belongs to those who have set their hearts to climb and have gone from virtue to virtue, from step to step, until they have reached the highest peak of humility and have gazed upon truth from the watchtower of Zion. “For the lawgiver will give a blessing.”  This means that he who gives the law is the same who gives the blessing; he who commands humility will lead safely to the truth.  Who is the lawgiver?  Who but the good and sweet Lord who gives a law to those who wander from the way?  They wander from the way because they have gone astray from the truth.  Will they then be deserted by our sweet Lord? No, the law that this good kind Lord gives them is the way of humility bu which they can return to the knowledge of the truth….

        The Lord looks on the children of the human family with eyes of truth, that deceive not and cannot be deceived, to see if there is any who understands and seeks God.  His place at the ladder’s top shows us that the knowledge of truth is to be found at the summit of humility.

       Yes, the way of humility is a good way.  It seeks for truth, it wins charity, it shares the fruits of wisdom.  Just as the end of the Law is Christ, so the perfection of humility is the knowledge of truth.  When Christ came he brought grace; when truth is known it brings love.  To the humble it is known.  “He gives his grace to the humble.”

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux


Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (+1153) is considered the last of the Fathers of the Church and is a Doctor of the Church.

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