Faith Messages Received From Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament

Posted: September 8, 2011 by CatholicJules in Memory Book, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

For a few months now, while praying and being in Christ’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament I have received these messages.  I only started writing them down recently.  I have discerned and decided that I should share them as they do fall under the private revelations category as far as I can tell, but more like faith building messages.  In any case they can be used for personal reflection….

  • 3rd Aug 2011  – If you will not be led then you are lost.  Come take my hand and follow me.
  • 10 Aug 2011 – Many seek me but do not find me, know that I am in the quiet.
  • 17 Aug 2011 – I am in My Father and My Father is in me.  My Love conquers all evil.
  • 24 Aug 2011 –  Keep the eyes of your heart focussed on me and you will sail through foul or fair weather.
  • 7 Sep 2011 – Love not just the deserving but the undeserving, My Love lies in your forgiveness.



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