The Holy Name Of Mary

Posted: September 12, 2011 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

Richard of Saint Laurence states “there is not such powerful help in any name, nor is there any other name given to men, after that of Jesus, from which so much salvation is poured forth upon men as from the name of Mary.”  He continues, “that the devout invocation of this sweet and holy name leads to the acquisition of superabundant graces in this life and a very high degree of glory in the next.”

The Abbot Francone, speaking on this subject, says, “there is no other name after that of the Son, in heaven or on earth, whence pious minds derive so much grace, hope and sweetness.”  After the most sacred name of Jesus, the name Mary is so rich in every good thing, that on earth and in heaven there is no other from which devout souls receive so much grace,hope, sweetness.

Hence Richard of Saint Laurence”encourages sinners to have recourse to this great name,” because it alone will suffice to cure them of all their evils; and “there is no disorder, however malignant, that does not immediately yield to the power of the name of Mary.”  The Blessed Raymond Jordano says, “that however hardened and diffident a heart may be, the name of this most Blessed Virgin has such efficacy, that if it is only pronounced that heart will be wonderfully softened.” Moreover, it is well known, and is daily experienced by the clients of Mary, that her powerful name gives the particular strength necessary to overcome temptations against purity.  In fine, “thy name, O Mother of God, is filled with divine graces and blessings,” as Saint Methodius says.  So much so that Saint Bonaventure declares, “that thy name, O Mary, cannot be pronounced without bringing some grace to him who does so devoutly.”…..Grant, O Lady, that we may often remember to name thee with love and confidence; for this practice either shows the possession of divine grace, or else is a pledge that we shall soon recover it.

Saint Alphonsus De Liguori

+1787 Doctor of the Church


Our salvation begins when an archangel speaks the name of Mary.  To be Christian is to carry on that Annunciation unceasingly, Saint Louis De Montfort wrote that “the salvation of each individual is bound up with the Hail Mary”.  This prayer that names the holy name of the Mother of God “brought to a dry and barren world the Fruit of Life.  It will cause the Word of God to take root in the soul and bring forth Jesus.”   The holy name of Mary bears such power because of the unique bond between Mother and Son. “When God sent his Son born of a woman, he instituted a once and for all order of salvation in which the union of Mother and Child stands at the centre” ( Romanus Cessario).  To accept the divine privilege of speaking the name of Mary is to participate in that saving union.

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