Slight Change In Postures During Mass In Singapore

Posted: September 15, 2011 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Memory Book

Apart from the changes in the Roman Missal. In Singapore, there will two slight changes in the postures during mass.

1) At the offertory, we would normally stand at the point when the priest says “pray brethren that your sacrifice and mine…” However now we will remain seated and stand only when we reply says “May The Lord….”

2) After the Santus (holy holy Holy) we will remain kneeling all the way till the end of the doxology followed by the great Amen. (through him with him and in him….amen)

  1. CatholicJules says:

    I am seeking further clarification on the 1st change in posture because everywhere else it is stated that we stand from the “pray brethren….” but my parish priest has informed us otherwise during a weekday mass. I will be making the appropriate changes on this post once I get more solid information on this and only if necessary.

  2. CatholicJules says:

    I’ve updated the change according to the Bishop’s letter dated 9th Sep.

  3. T Cho says:


    I was wondering if you know the reasons for the posture changes mentioned in your post or where I can find out more about the changes?


    • CatholicJules says:


      I suppose you would have to email or write in to the archdiocese of Singapore. My understanding is that we rise in response to the invitation by the celebrant in unity

      Hope that helps,

      God bless,

  4. T Cho says:


    Thanks for the quick reply! =)

    God Bless.

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