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By virtue of our baptism we are all commissioned to go and spread the good news though each of us have been given different gifts to do so…..

  • Evangelisation needs to come naturally.  You must want to talk about Jesus.
  • Evangelisation is about conversion, it is about planting a seed.
  • You can start at home then the Church, community and then outside the community.
  • Evangelisation reminds us all that God reigns overall, it is our responsibility to God to share His love with all.
  • Let us not be paralysed by fear….
  • Most think that the Devil uses the ultimate weapon ‘Hatred’ but over the years we can see that it is actually ‘Fear’ which causes inacti0n. “And in what we have failed to do…..”
  • William Shakespeare once said,”A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave one dies but one.

Here are four simple steps we can take to begin :-

  1. Prayer – We all can do at least one thing together and that is pray.  We can pray for the conversion of others, healing, mercy, and most importantly for our enemies or those that most have given up on.
  2. Listen first then speak second.  Listening is key, we have two ears and one mouth that should already be telling us that we should be listening twice as hard.  But it is essential that we speak up too. We may not have all the answers but we can certainly speak about God’s love and mercy. And again most importantly we should speak in the name of Jesus.
  3. Do something. – We should all be doing something! Move our feet into action and walk…..We have been reminded over and over again that the kingdom of God is at hand. And He will come like a thief in the night… let us be prepared…let us start today…whatever we have been called to do…we start now!
  4. Inner Conversion – Our Transfiguration.  We have to be a different people. We must change, we must want to change. We must strive to be a people of mercy and compassion. To be Holy and perfect as our Heavenly Father is Holy and perfect.


In my personal experience, I use to cringe at the thought of Evagelisation, because I had always thought that I had to be knowledgeable about my faith before I could even attempt to talk about Jesus.  I also knew that if I didn’t at least try to start somewhere I would likely never ever do so.  So with a prayer to the Holy Spirit, I began to try and talk about Jesus. I found it was easy to start with simply what Jesus has done for me in my life.  How I have grown in faith and turned my life around and of how, I now experience inner joy and peace which I have not known before.  Most people like to listen to stories, so why not tell my personal story? ( True living experience )

In my journey, I have found that family members and some closest friends are usually the toughest audience and more often than naught you will get grieve from them. But do not despair, you are not called to convert them but simply plant the seed of love.  God will do the rest over time.  I have witnessed this myself in my own family life.

Join me now as we participate with Jesus Christ to save the human race….