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First Reading Hosea 11:1-4.8e-9

Gospel Matthew 10:7-15


In the first reading we hear of God’s immense love for His children, of how He patiently loves and feeds them and yet they constantly turn away from Him.  When a child of ours ignores our advice or rules, we are often tempted to react in anger and punish him/her for defying us. However we know in moments of composure, that the best response is find a suitable consequence that will allow for them to make better choices. This is how God treats His people. Ever faithful he promises to restore them as soon as they come to their senses.

In today’s Gospel we hear again of God’s love through Jesus His Son who his Apostles to the lost sheep of Israel, he empowers them to cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast our devils.  How many of us are using the gifts by virtue of our baptism to reach out to our sisters and brothers in Christ? To bring them back to faith? Comfort and console them with the news of God’s love and mercy?  To share the good news with someone who otherwise would never have heard it?

You received  without charge, give without charge. How many of us performs acts of service or kindness, without want of recognition or appreciation?  Jesus warns his Apostles not to give in to temptation of expecting monetary gifts or compensation for the gifts bestowed upon them.  Neither should they worry of what they are to eat or wear but to have faith in God’s Providence. Have we that kind of trust in God?  That He will provide for all of our needs?