Personal Reflection On The Transfiguration of Our Lord

Posted: August 6, 2012 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections, Prayers

Feast of the Transfiguration Of Our Lord
Readings Today

First reading
Daniel 7:9-10,13-14

Second reading
2 Peter 1:16-19

Mark 9:2-10

Personal Reflection

In today’s Gospel we see how Peter, James and John witness the transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ. They are given the opportunity to bear witness to Christ’s divinity. To stand in the presence of the vision had by Daniel who prophesied the Lord’s coming to the Father to be conferred dominion over us His children. The law and prophesy represented by Moses and Elijah, together with our Saviour Jesus Christ points to us the direction of our salvation in Him.

Are our hearts opened to Him? Are we ready and willing to be transfigured? To be made pure? To be changed from ordinary water into wine as at the wedding feast in Cana? To bow down to our Sovereign King so that we may receive Him in our hearts and minds?

Are we still looking through worldly eyes, hence not yet able to comprehend what we see in the Eucharistic Celebration? Similar to how Saint Peter first reacted at the transfiguration…asking to build three tabernacles, not yet able to see that the three cannot be separated but are as one in heaven?

Let us pray….

O God, whom no eye has ever seen, you have revealed your glory in the transfigured face of your Son. Through his voice, you have spoken your Word to us. Give light to our eyes; make us attentive to the Gospel, for in baptism we have become His brothers and sisters and your children. Hear us through this same beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives with you and The Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Amen


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