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You planned a thanksgiving party in honour of your father. Invited all your family members and friends to come on a Sunday morning. Prepared a feast, songs to be sung in honour of your father and messages of love to be shared with all.

Sunday came and not everyone showed up or bothered to call to inform you that they couldn’t come. Some came in singlet, skimpy shorts and slippers. Some refused to participate in the celebration, others refused to sing with crossed arms. While the messages of love was shared, some started talking amongst themselves, while others decided it was time to catch a snooze.

After the feast, before the last song could be sung or messages of thanks could be said, some started leaving. Few hurried on as they probably felt they had better and far more important things to do.

Jesus my Lord and Saviour have mercy on all of us who behave this way during the Eucharistic Celebration. Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit may we lead one another into greater faith and greater reverence for the Sacraments. Amen