A Little Reflection On Christ’s Passion

Posted: March 29, 2013 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections


Whom do we identify ourselves with in the passion of Christ?

Do we identify ourselves with the disciples? Who follow Christ faithfully? Who could not stay awake for Christ? Who abandoned their faith when the situation got uncomfortable? Who let fear overcome them?

Do we identify ourselves with Judas? Betrayed Him for money? Greed? Way of living? With the idea of being superior in intellect? Unrepentant?

Do we identify ourselves with Peter? Bold in the faith yet brash? With a leader’s mentality that I know it all? Loyal in the heart but not yet fully grounded in the faith and so was fearful and fell from faith? Repentant in the end, courageous to accept the faults and rebuild, and fortify his faith through the help of the Holy Spirit?

Do we identify ourselves with Pilate? A leader of men yet not in Christ? To go against what is true and right in order to keep the peace? Who will not stand up for the innocent or for  those who are bullied and those who cannot fend for themselves?

Do we identify ourselves with the high priests? Self righteous? Seeking personal glorification? Having a faith like horses wearing blinds? Quick to judge and condemn others? Using all means to justify their actions? Seeking not God’s counsel?  Doing not His Will?

Do we identify ourselves with the crowd? Do we have a mob mentality? Taking not the time or making not the effort to learn and grow in faith? To allow our emotions to rule us? To live our lives with God absent?

Do we identify ourselves with John? Who truly loved Jesus and knew what it was to be loved by Him? Initially seeking status and fame? Allowed fear to overcome His love? But gathered courage through his love for Christ and stood by His mother and His side in the end?

Do we identify ourselves with the repentant thief? Who abandoned all pride and carried the shame of the sinful life he led and turned to Christ in the end? Fully willing to accept condemnation for his sins? Entrusting himself to the Lord his God?

Do we hope to identify ourselves with Jesus? To drink the cup he drank? To carry His cross? To serve, not to served? To be the light for others living in darkness?

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