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Yesterday I took part in the Pocari Sweat 10 km run and the route while quite scenic was rather quite gruelling in parts. I persevered and what really helped me up the steep parts was the worship songs I was listening to.

Praise the Lord that while I was jogging uphill, the lyric of the song went something like this “.. Up the mountain of my Lord” needless to say I was in awe and inspired.

Then at the 7 km mark as my legs grew heavy and my heels began to ache, a prayer/reflection played over and over in my mind….

If I am last in the heavenly race by Your Grace Lord, thank You for counting me worthy.
If I come in the middle position, thank you Lord that I may be counted as one among my brethren.
If however I count myself first at your displeasure then have mercy on me Lord, for I was not listening and living according to Your Word. Amen

I completed the run in just over an hour, grace filled. Alleluia!