Stay Awake and Be Ready

Posted: February 9, 2015 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

This morning at approximately 0550hrs l was standing at the bus stop doing my reflections on the Word, while waiting for the bus to arrive. Then I noticed a young man in army fatigues, who was seated suddenly slump forward and grab the large pole next to him. His spectacles had fallen to the ground at the same time. I continued to do my reflections thinking he was simply balancing and reaching down for his glasses which had fallen.

It was only when a lady screamed for us to help him that I rushed to try and help him up. He was having some sort of seizure and because he was heavy set, we struggled to take off his backpack, lift him up and set him down flat on the seat. Thankfully there were two nurses at the bus stop who tended to him. As he was slowly gaining consciousness I left to take my bus which had arrived.

While on the bus I chided myself for not reacting faster perhaps when I first noticed him slumped forward I could have at least checked. Then for forgetting to pray while attending to him. Perhaps I should have stayed to ensure he was totally ok and taken the next bus? The message of the first week of Advent came to mind…. Stay awake and be ready.

I take consolation in knowing he was in good hands. Lord please watch over him. Amen

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