O Blessed Mother..

Posted: February 28, 2015 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys


This morning as I was making my way to church. I met an elderly couple at the bus stop also attending the EC. The man was asking about my parents and then later we ended up talking about the new Grotto of our Lady in our Church. He was lamenting that the statue is placed too high and is a strain on the neck. I told him that we can look towards heaven to see her there but besides that we can always stand further back so we do not have to strain our necks. I also shared that ever since it was installed I feel drawn to pray to her before going in.

Upon arrivng to church I made my way to the Grotto dismayed to find that the waterfall was stopped for some minor works. But it did not deter me from praying to our Lady to intercede for me so that I may have purity of heart and mind. Then I overheard a lady Parishioner, a regular pretending to talk to Mother Mary in a loud voice, “Hello how are you up there?” then she giggled. She didn’t mean anything by it but all the same another Parishioner, also a regular guy was heard telling her that no matter what, we should be more respectful etc. I walked off into the Church as I did not want to add to the slight tension in anyway and to prepare for the EC. I decided to also say a quick prayer for the parishioners.

After taking a host and dropping it into the ciborium I could not believe my eyes! Praise the Lord! Thank You blessed Mother!

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