On Today’s Gospel

Posted: July 29, 2015 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections


Let us always come before the Lord with our hearts and minds opened either in prayer or worship. Let nothing lie hidden within us for He sees all and knows all. If we are ashamed for having sinned then let us bring our sins before Him so that we can be reconciled and restored.  Our loving Lord will fill us with His peace and grace so that we may reflect His light unto others so that they too will no longer live in darkness.

O Saint Martha what faith You exemplified through your deep personal relationship with our Lord. At a time where the Saduccees did not believe in the resurrection, you uttered your faith with conviction.  You declared once again in great faith that Jesus our Lord was the promised one, sent for the salvation of the world. The Son of God! You showed us how that through a loving relationship with Jesus, we too might see through His eyes and that His heart can speak to and through us. Intercede for us O beloved Saint, that we may do likewise. Amen

First reading
Exodus 34:29-35

When Moses came down from the mountain of Sinai – as he came down from the mountain, Moses had the two tablets of the Testimony in his hands – he did not know that the skin on his face was radiant after speaking with the Lord. And when Aaron and all the sons of Israel saw Moses, the skin on his face shone so much that they would not venture near him. But Moses called to them, and Aaron with all the leaders of the community came back to him; and he spoke to them. Then all the sons of Israel came closer, and he passed on to them all the orders that the Lord had given him on the mountain of Sinai. And when Moses had finished speaking to them, he put a veil over his face. Whenever he went into the Lord’s presence to speak with him, Moses would remove the veil until he came out again. And when he came out, he would tell the sons of Israel what he had been ordered to pass on to them, and the sons of Israel would see the face of Moses radiant. Then Moses would put the veil back over his face until he returned to speak with the Lord.

John 11:19-27

Many Jews had come to Martha and Mary to sympathise with them over their brother. When Martha heard that Jesus had come she went to meet him. Mary remained sitting in the house. Martha said to Jesus, ‘If you had been here, my brother would not have died, but I know that, even now, whatever you ask of God, he will grant you.’ ‘Your brother’ said Jesus to her ‘will rise again.’ Martha said, ‘I know he will rise again at the resurrection on the last day.’ Jesus said:
‘I am the resurrection and the life.
If anyone believes in me, even though he dies he will live,
and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.
Do you believe this?’
‘Yes, Lord,’ she said ‘I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, the one who was to come into this world.’

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