Sing With Joy As Mary Did

Posted: January 2, 2016 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Tired and nursing a little hangover I was inclined to give day 7 of the Christmas Octave a miss. However as it was also a special day, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, I decided to honour her by attending her Son’s Octave celebration.

As I boarded the bus to church, I noticed this smiley Indian lady who boarded it at the same stop grinning at me. She looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place where I had seen her before. I reckoned she must be a fellow Parishioner and so greeted her with ‘Peace be with you’ she then reminded me that she was standing beside me carolling with the Rondolla group in Church. This was before the midnight Eucharist celebration on Christmas Eve. She further commented that I had a nice husky voice and it was a joy to sing along side me. I laughed and told her that I may have sounded husky because my throat was probably sore from singing with overzealous vigour for our Lord just as she was I’m sure. And that it was a joy for me too, to have been singing along side her. I introduced myself and she did likewise.

I then asked Rina if she was serving in any ministry yet, she replied that wasn’t and jokingly said that her excuse was that she had a young six year old son to contend with. I offered that when she felt ready to serve, to let me know which ministry she was interested in and that I would get her connected. Before parting ways I invited her to stop by for the octave if she had the time as she was on her way to buy some stuff for her son’s birthday party the next day.

The Octave itself was a nice cosy evening reflecting on Jesus through Mary. And the sharing by those who came up to give testimonies to Mary and Jesus was beautifully received. We prayed the rosary together as one loving community and sang some Marian hymns which I am sure many were touched in doing so.

Though we hear little of our blessed Mother in scripture, we know that she did everything with joy in her heart. The magnificat was her greatest song of joy. And so like Mary let us touch others by our singing the praises and wonders of our Lord and God with joy!

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