Never Take The Eucharistic Celebration For Granted

Posted: January 6, 2016 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

A short reflection….

Never take the gift of the Eucharist Celebration for granted. You’ll never know when the chance to receive our Lord may be taken away from you.

Imagine everyone gathered in Church and just as the celebration is about to start, a bunch of soldiers barge in to tell everyone to get out or be killed. And yet while it has happened elsewhere, who is to say that it will never happen where you’re at?

Today at our lunchtime EC where everyone was gathered. Our equipment and Mass Kit was kept in the storage area of another meeting room where an important business meeting had gone on since morning.

One worker on behalf of the convention centre went in unannounced, all the way through to the storage area and was severely reprimanded and told to leave. Needless to say the Business folks in there were no longer interested to hear our plea through the Convention centre management to allow us to quickly get our stuff. Hence all we could do was to continue with a service of the Word. The celebrant who happened to be my Parish priest led us through it.

So this just goes to show you that we should cherish every Eucharistic celebration we get to attend in which we are able to receive the Lord our God in Holy Communion.

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