Walking In The Garden With My Lord

Posted: January 11, 2016 by CatholicJules in Meditations

At another point of our retreat we were told to go separate ways and find a quiet corner to spend some time in prayer.

I walked past some standalone hostels intending to go as far away as I could. But as I was walking past one, something about a huge bush like tree caught my eye. It had beautiful red and yellow flowers which I found odd. And as I stood there and stared at the oddity and beauty of it, I became more and more mesmerised. And found that I could not tear myself away.

Then the consolations came and I started to reflect on what it must have been like to walk with our Lord in the garden of Eden. How blessed was I in that moment to feel the presence of my Lord.

Then a big black wasp flew past me and I was distracted for a moment. I put it out of my mind and resumed my reflection. All of a sudden a dog started barking in the distance as some workers appeared to clear some rotting jackfruit from the ground unto a lorry which had driven in into the grounds. Even a fellow retreat participant John slowly walked past me. All of it got me feeling a little perturbed then I recalled my earlier encounter with the Lord at the water feature. In which I learnt that the silence can come from within. So I emptied myself so as to continue my meet with the Lord once more.

After a few minutes I turned round and saw that the hostel I was standing in front of had a room number which was also a scripture passage. So I quickly wrote it down in my notebook to look up later. I wanted a remembrance of this whole encounter and so decided to pluck the red and yellow flowers to place between the pages of my notebook; since I didn’t have a camera on me. As I did this I realised the red like flower was actually budding and would turn into the yellow ones fully grown. Wow!

The Scripture passage Luke 17:20-21 I later looked up read as follows :

‘Asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was to come, he gave them this answer, ‘The coming of the kingdom of God does not admit of observation and there will be no one to say, “Look, it is here! Look, it is there!” For look, the kingdom of God is among you.’


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